Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This is what postpardum does to you!

This last week has been absolutely amazing and crazy at the same time. I am so completely overwhelmed that our son is finally here and how much work it actually is and so excited about this new chapter in our lives! I'll be blogging more now because I am home more! Which has been super nice:) Preston's mom was just here for a few days, that was super helpful, I didn't always nap when Jacob did and was up alot at night so having someone else take him for a bit of cuddle and try to get him to fall asleep helped out alot! Prest is awesome, he helps so much, but I try to let him get his sleep cause he's bringing in the mullah and needs his rest!

I have never been peed on until this week, his diapers are a little too big, so if you're holding him just right and he pees, you feel it!! I can't help, but laugh though. Oh the joys of having a child, and I've only had him a week - ha-ha! Luckily Jacob has more clothes then Prest and I put together, because of his little pee escaping the diaper episodes we change his clothes a couple times a day! In one week I have done four washes just for his stuff!!
Jacob has spit up on Preston more times then we can count, but he has been kind enough to never do that to me, although I'm sure he'll initiate me sometime soon. Probably after I post this, don't things like that always happen?

And I cannot believe how many diapers you go through!! We laugh because what happens alot is we'll change his diaper and then not even 5 minutes later he'll fill it again. He hates his diaper to be changed though so that's not so fun! And yes he has peed mid air on the changing table three times, but don't worry, we finally figured out how to conquer this. It would be a pretty good show to watch us changing his diaper when he pees mid-change though, we're like frantic, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, honey grab a cloth!!!" Ok, it really is more interesting then that, words can't capture "moments."

I find mothering is coming naturally, but there is so much I still have to learn and I am excited for that, I'm also excited that I don't have to pee every 15 minutes, I can wear normal clothes again and I don't waddle, or do I? And I can eat chicken and beef again - whoohoo, I couldn't during pregnancy so this is great. And I'm not working, ya baby!

Well I'll let you catch your breath after this long post, thanks for everyone who has already congratulated us and sent us words of encouragment, gifts or food!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara,
We are so excited for you!! Wow I can't even imagine how bizarre it must be to actually have him now. Just wondering...did you get the package we sent you yet? I hope so. I have this fear that its going to get lost somehow on its way to Oregon. Just wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you and praying for you!
Love Sarah and Tim

ahaak said...

Hahahahaha ... Good stuff Tara!
- A

Brittanie Noelle said...

THE NEWBY ADVENTURES CONTINUE! I'm so happy for you guys! Jacob is absolutly amazing and so adorable! I hope you're having fun, and I hope we can see you guys again soon!!! Take care!!!

Taryn said...

Tara, you are so beautiful!! You look amazing, and you are going to be an incredible mom! Both you and Preston are going to be great parents. He is beautiful. And the black and whites of you guys are awesome! Blessings on you all your family!

Lindsey said...

I was actaully just in Portland and I forgot to hook up with you guys. I don't know why I didn't think of you guys! I am kicking my self now!
We are excited little Jacob is in this world!!