Monday, October 05, 2015

Ezra Jack

Where have I been?!? With this bundle of sweetness!!! 

Ezra Jack! 

Thanks for all your emails asking for an update! I am really going to try and be more consistent in my writing. 

He arrived August 27th Which now makes him ONE month!! How on earth! Time just goes by so fast when you aren't sleeping 😂 
Im kidding. He has actually been sleeping like a champ:-) 
Anyone up for a birth story? I love how a group of girls can get together, no matter when it was that they last had babies and in detail re tell their birth stories!
 The most painful moment collides with the most incredible moment and you can't ever forget it. 
I had a midwife this time round and LOVED my experience!! 
Due date was August 29th but We prayed that Ezra would come before or really close to that date bc Kev was going to school and it would be great if he could be home with us for a week. 
Well come August 26th and this mama went into labor! Thank you Jesus! 
I decided to do a natural drug free birth bc I was induced and had epiderals with the boys. So my easily  bored personality thought I would switch it up! No joke, I didn't think it would hurt so bad 😂😂😂 wow. Naive has a new face - mine! 

We got to the birthing center at 530am and labor stopped progressing through the morning, which is pretty depressing when you so badly want this baby out!!!! 
They broke my water around noon and then realized he had changed positions :-/ and that's why he wasn't coming faster. He was sunny side up (face to the sun) and so I cried inside a little and then we moved on. We tried some new positions and took a homeopathic remedy. I was so exhausted so I went into the bath and finally felt the need to push! That's real. Oh is it real. With an epiderual u don't feel the urge, you just feel a pressure. So this was definitely new.  
So after 30 min Ezra made his entrance to this world! Came out all sideways with his little hand by his face - but we both survived even though I wasn't sure I would!! 
He was 9.3lb and 20 in. A little Chubster! 
Would I ever choose to do this again? No. No. No! Haha
Though this labor was the third child wild card and it was more wild than most births. So maybe it wouldn't have been as bad had it gone a little faster! 
 Though you know what?  The thing that was different was that we prayed all through this labor and had worship music playing. It set the tone for the long day and we so clearly felt the presence and peace of God! It was long and painful yet so beautiful. And kevin. That man!! He did incredible. So thankful for him. And he didn't pass out! Whoohoo! I wasn't sure he wouldn't but he was a superstar!

There is also something to be said for this:
"His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.... (2 Peter 1:3 ESV)"
Like.... The power to overcome....
FEAR. Fear has no place in the delivery room! And there wasn't any. I'm working on overcoming fear in my life and labor was a total victory where Jesus gets full credit.  

So our sweet boy is here! I am in awe. He is such a joy and we are entirely enjoying him. Truly truly enjoying him. I can't believe he is here! After two years of trying. Such a miracle!!! 
The older boys are loving him so much! And as often as I have asked for their help they haven't complained once! So thankful for that. 
We have our hard days but I'll take them! I'm just so thankful for the blessings in my life it makes it harder to see the difficult things. 
We have been so loved! Again! Meals, gifts, so many snuggles! Truly we are blessed and we know it and don't take it for granted. So thank you! 
I have no time for getting any of my stuff done, I'm going on day three of not washing my hair😩 but I did make an edible stew for dinner and my kids are all alive and hubby is smiling so what else really matters?

Ok well I think that's it for now! My baby brained head needs to go to sleep:-) 
And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! 
Ok, here are a few more shots of our sweet little man! He is smiling! Be still my beating heart. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Grand Update!

Such a bad blogger I am!
I have the stomach flu today:( so what a perfect time to write! My type B personality keeps putting blogging off, but my hearts desire is to write 2-3 times a month (maybe if i say it here i will... that's how it works right?;-) There has to be some type A in me!

My last post was from October! What!? Let's skip now to December. December is amazing for so many reasons but this past December had it's own set of miracles:-)
I really struggled skipping a month here and there and not trying for a baby. Even though it's an emotional beating each time i'm not pregnant, i kept thinking well what if THIS is THE MONTH!? I can't say I have ever been without hope! But come December and christmas and the business of it all, I thought you know what Kev, let's take December off. We won't not try but we won't try and assume it will work like i do every. other. month.  He was totally ok with this as he was exhausted as well.
After all, i had presents to buy, advent to plan and a christmas party that my party throwing self could not resist! Let's just focus on Christmas and all the wonder it has to offer - my Savior come to earth! We decided that we will do a fertility procedure called IUI in january and that helped take the pressure off for December as well.

A week into December I was thinking about it. Babies, pregnancy it's everywhere. I was at Bible study and we were doing Beth Moores, 1&2 Thessalonians. She had us write on one hand, 'For not all have faith' and on the other hand we had to write, 'But the Lord is faithful.'

If that wasn't good enough for my soul, at the end of study my sweet friend Laurie who has knows this journey had all the girls come over to me and then she said, "girls, show Tara this hand (BUT THE LORD IS FAITHFUL!) I'm crying just writing this.  And they all did, and my eyes filled with tears, such a beautiful personal reminder that He IS faithful regardless of my circumstances. And then they laid these hands "full of faith" on my empty womb and they prayed their hearts out. For a miracle baby, for peace if there is no baby - to be content. I wept. This memory will never leave me. 
I went on with my Christmas planning and found I was able to think a little less about baby stuff. 
It was the week before Christmas and for IUI in January i had to start taking Clomid (the drug that gives your ovulation a boost) right around Christmas. I knew no pharmacies would be open so I decided to go pick up the clomid a few days before. But you have to take a pregnancy test to rule that out. Easy peasy, i'm never pregnant. So i took a test, late in the day because it would be negative anyway. Day 27.... and there was a faint line. A FAINT +VE LINE!!!!! I quickly text my sister a pic (love technology) who was instantly hopeful. However when i had my miscarriage I also had a faint line so my hopes weren't high that this was a keeper. I took a test the next day, same thing, faint line. I waited until day 30 to test again and BAM, there is was, a big bold positive line!!! I tested at 4am bc that's how my bladder rolls and jumped back into bed and announced to Kevin, "Babe, I think I really really AM pregnant!!!" we were both in disbelief and didn't sleep a wink after. I am tearing up remembering that precious moment. 

A week after my table girls prayed we conceived. God is faithful no matter if we were pregnant or not but this was a great GIFT! So here i am 25 weeks and I can see this little babe bouncing around as I type. It has been a journey of faith without a doubt. A journey of continuous thanksgiving and prayers of surrendering my fear of miscarriage. But this babe is healthy and Lord willing we will meet it at the end of August!!! Hot summer here I come!!! The boys and Kevin are crazy excited! They have been praying about this for two years and they can't get enough of feeling their little baby kick. They actually think it's quite hilarious that there is a little person in there. And kevin, it's such a joy to watch him walk through this, seeing it through his eyes is so fun! 

So there is my wonderful update, thank you to Cora for encouraging me to write this post and yes i was sick with morning ALL DAY sickness for 14 weeks but it truly wasn't as bad as when i was pregnant with the boys! There has been soo many lessons that I could have blogged about, but it's not too late. I really am praying I can find the motivation to write more. 
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!! i received so many emails of encouragement from you all! 

Monday, October 06, 2014

We wait in expectation all the time don't we?
We hope for things and then we wait. 
In the waiting a lot happens. 
We realize that we aren't entirely in control and we can't change certain things about life. 
So, often,
We either collapse in the wait, under the pressure of hope deferred. This can lead to bitterness and anger and frustration. 
Or we can take the other road and cling to Jesus all of the time and be restful in HIM. 
Or... we do a little of both as I certainly have. 
It is almost two years since we have struggled getting pregnant. Small to some BIG to others, like me. 

Death met us 6yrs ago, and then a season of refreshment - remarriage, and then trial again. And now I find myself pleading with the Lord for another season of renewal and refreshment. 
But is it possible to still be renewed and refreshed and even RESTORED in the midst of long painful trial? Living with the struggles that might not go away... 
How can you let it go? can you walk away from the pain mentally?
Can we just blend it all together? God and pain and living with joy. Real joy not the fake I'm trying but it just never comes joy.  Real authentic joy. 

God taught me this lately: Tara, can you wait in expectation? OH YA i can!!! I wait for the big fat positive sign every month! I wait for K and I to work through our stuff all the time. I wait for kids not to wet their beds and i wait for my back pain to go away. I wait for my pink carpet to roll up and be replaced with hard wood. I also wait for my house to clean itself;-)
No Tara, Can you wait in expectation for ME? The I AM. The Alpha and the Omega? Can you wait in expectation for your Savior?
Well.... umm of course. hmmm... i mean what exactly do you mean Lord?  Like wait for you to stop this season of pain? Oh ya I'm already doing that! 
Tara, I was there when you were a small child, i was there when you were 16 and slightly wild, I was there when you lost Preston, i was there when you met Kevin, i was there and I was in it, at every fork in the road and every calm path, I AM and I AM NOW and I WILL BE. Always and forever... always HERE with you. ALWAYS. got it?
Ok... wow... i mean i knew that didn't I?
Tara, never will i leave you, never will i forsake you, I created you, with your passion, your fire, your creative soul, your energy, your emotion. I love who I made! 
And I want you to see all I have done IN YOU. The character I have grown in you, the faith I have risen up in you.... 
Yes Lord! YES I totally see that, and I LOVE what you have done through all my pain. I love it and that is my favourite gift I have ever received beyond YOU saving me - The work you have done IN ME. 
Then Tara, can you wait in expectation for more of that? I know your desires, guess what? I gave you them. But I know what I am doing and for now I want  you to wait for me. Wait to see what I do spiritually in you, expect the growth. Next time you are disappointed wait for me to show up, I always do. Make your disappointment an opportunity to see ME because you will. I will shatter the lies and bring forth my truth, I will sing over you and calm your soul. I will restore you and renew you and I will get the glory for that Tara, and guess what? I am most glorified when you are most satisfied in me. And when I'm glorified, you are most satisfied. 
Can you wait for me Tara to work in you? Instead of waiting for this season to be over? 

Yes Lord, I can't imagine anything sweeter. 

Waiting in expectation for God to work in your soul, rest while you wait and seek his face always because like he told me HE will ALWAYS show up and restore and renew. And believe it or not, that is good enough, it is the greatest gift we will ever have this side of heaven. :) If you don't' believe it, I am already praying over those who are reading this who don't believe JESUS is enough, so there you go, you already have a head start:) 
I'm waiting Lord, oh am I ever waiting!!!

We sometimes go through long seasons of pain that seem far too much to bear.

I wanted to punish God for allowing me to have pain. Not just one pain but months of pain. Too much Lord!!!!!! If this is what you are allowing then I'm turning my back on you I decided... out of rebellion (does that ever go well?)
But I couldn't 
It was impossible
Because I know he is real
I know he is good and he can't change that 
I know he loves me and hasn't forgotten me 
Even when I feel it's not true scripture corrects and challenges me. 
Where can I go from your presence? Where can I flee from your spirit? NO where. And really, that's awesome isn't it? That's comfort 101.
I couldn't escape his love. 
I couldn't escape his voice. 
He draws me back to Him. 
He meets me in my pain. 
He leads me to read his word. 
You have to read his word - it's restoration, it's freedom, it's life!

So don't give up, when the waters are raging and thrashing around you and within you, look up. Look high. 
When the waters thrash around you...
Give him your pain, your anger, your discontentment, let him bring healing and comfort and while he heals and gently sews you back together, REST in Him. Wake up with Him, go about your day praying continuously and preach Him to yourself all day long. 
And I promise you the raging waters of your heart will be calmed and you will see HIS light

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fertility struggles

I was recently talking with a friend who has walked the fertility journey and she said, "I wish more people were open to talk about their infertility" it can be such a lonely journey.  (Note I wrote this blog last month) So... here I am to talk!! (I soo appreciate those of you who have reached out to me who have been there!!)

The pain of fertility struggle Is a constant journey, which is not easy to just lay to the side. I really, really wish it was... but like every journey it can grow you or make you stagnant, the choice is yours!! 

People have tried to be helpful and I think it's so kind of them but it doesn't fix anything other than knowing u have friends who really care.  Some say, stop trying and it will happen:-) :-) Yet they have never walked in these shoes and tried to stop! I have tried and it's so soo hard!

It's the pain that effects me most. Isn't anything hard like that?  The highs and lows "roller coaster" tend to drag us lower because they are discouraging?
You try to get pregnant and are crazy hopeful! But then your hopes are dashed. The same process over and over, month after month.
And all the while you watch many of your friends get pregnant and then have their beautiful bundles. And While you are happy for them it stings, it's a trigger to a bullet of remembering your pain.

I have a wonderful life, two incredible boys and a loving affectionate husband.  I have nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for. And I do!!!
Yet I can't run from my sadness when I'm not pregnant. I always wanted a big family! When Preston died it was obviously not going to happen like I imagined.
And when you get the chance to do it again the excitement is maybe that much more intense because you have waited and hoped you would get another chance at that dream of more kids (and a hubby!!!)

Nothing physically is wrong with either of us, the dr, who is one of the best fertility doctors In our area says we are better than normal and it should happen!

This month we were going to take a break from trying because it's so emotionally exhausting. But one night I just couldn't sleep...
 I read this blog:

"Fear is the beginning of faith" (Ann Voskamp, Aholyexperience blog)

And what really gripped me was how I was allowing fear to wash over me instead of faith. I wasn't, as she says, stepping through the ring of fire to my father on the other side where freedom waits.

So I gave my fear to God.  All the messy ugliness, the deep fear of more pain.  And you know the best part of letting go to a living God?
His immense love for us wants To give us something in it's place. Other wise there is space for something not as healthy to come in.  Truly, we worship an incredible God who meets all our needs.

So I asked him what he wanted to give me and right away I knew, first was a confidence in His character and second, rest. Tara I just want to give you rest, literally!! In this moment I'm going to help you fall asleep, aka STOP THINKING!!  And I lay down and I felt this warmth come over me like a soft blanket... And I fell into a deep deep sleep. I woke up feeling confident in WHO I'm trusting. Which I have always said, the more you KNOW God, the more you TRUST in him.

God wants us to rest in him, While we wait for something and while we live day to day. There are plenty of opportunities to rest in Him on this entire journey of life, we just have to step into his rest.

How often do we choose fear over faith? A lot!
We tend to do things we are really good at because we know we can't mess them up. But do those things grow us? Do they stretch us if we know how to do them so well?
Not really.  And we need to be stretched so we can grow in our faith, in our characters and open ourselves up into who God created us to be!

Jump through the ring of fire (fear) with me and into faith and try something new.
 What is The Lord asking you to do? Maybe it's like me and you need to start accepting what's going on in your life this day and not fear the future  because you know you have a good, trustworthy God leading and comforting you.  Let him use your pain, serve someone you wouldn't normally reach out to.
Make a meal for a neighbour, get involved at your church.. Ask God to show you how to step out in faith.
Because I guarantee you that you won't regret it.

I was afraid of finding out I'm not pregnant again so I just wanted to quit. But today I'm in a different spot. I know this month I may not be pregnant but I'm holding onto Gods character to get me through.

Job questioned God, he asked him the whys and God didn't tell him why he had allowed him to suffer so deeply. And you know what? Job was ok with that!! WHAT?!? 

I had to ask myself the same thing, am I ok with never knowing in this life why I lost Preston?
Am I ok with never knowing why we have struggled with fertility?

Ya. I actually am.
Life is short. Soon enough I will be standing before him and I'll understand and I have peace about that.

And while we live we enjoy what he has blessed us with and trust that Gods plan is greater than we know.
Ask God to make that truth to you! Ask him to take away your doubts, and replace it with more faith & more trust in HIM. 

So if you are going through fertility struggles or have in the past you are not alone and you DID NOT go through that or are facing this for nothing! God does not love you less. The pain we endure can always be moulded for better, and trust me, if you choose to face the pain and hold your saviours hand through it you WILL BE renewed and restored and you will find peace and discover more of who you were created to be and then.... you will be thankful for the hard journey you walk(ed).  

"We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. (Romans 5:3-5 ESV)

this is my theme song this year: walk with me, we can do this! No matter your journey and KEEP moving forward with Christ!!!

Rend Collective Experiment - Movements

Friday, January 03, 2014

I desire things in this life.
I want big superficial things like a gorgeous house 5 miles outside the city with so many rooms I can have company for days, money so I can travel whenever I want and take whomever I want with me. A ford raptor truck (love u kev), a camper.. No wait, a motorhome, a house in Hawaii.. Weekly pedicures, a robotic chef, maid and masseuse.
Realistically, I want a new kitchen, crown molding in every room, new hard wood flooring, a new washer and dryer, a new car and a pool.

 Sooo Superficial. None of this matters.
But, I'm leading into something. Something gooood:-)

I also desire not so superficial things like more babies, freedom for ppl still living in slavery (the sex trade specifically), behaved children and homes for every orphan. Maybe you desire things like that, or maybe you desire love from another person, more loving spouse or freedom from past pain. 

Those superficial things are not wrong in and of themselves, but our desire for these things and even the good desires uncovers something else. Something about every human being that has ever lived. A deep longing we all have,
For happiness
For security
For comfort
And I would also add, for LOVE
Because secretly we hope that maybe just maybe if we get everything we want or at least a few more things, we will have less problems and be happier than we are now, we will be more secure in our surrounding and more comfortable and maybe if we are with the right person or ppl we will find more or better love.

Humanity has also discovered something else, when we help others we are happier, like doing random acts of kindness or serving others before yourself, but neither are these cure-alls for lasting happiness.

When your life is full of desire, full of hope for something, perhaps a dream or a desire just waiting to become reality.... Superficial or not, What do we ultimately want above all else?   In the end, what we're all striving for is peace; deep and everlasting peace.

Could I be so bold as to ask you to entertain the thought, if even for a moment, that there is only one who can ultimately give us that peace and that's Jesus, just Jesus.

Don't roll your eyes, just bear with me a little while...
Do you have peace - really?  Can you say that your sins have been forgiven?  Do you have that kind of peace?  You can search the world over, and under and throughout but you will never be fully at rest or satisfied without knowing Jesus.

Jesus wasn't just a good man or a good teacher, he was and is God, YOUR creator. He was the picture of perfection and the author of love.
And he came to us, not as a mighty warrior but as a wee babe, as humble as they come. Not to save humanity from an oppressive government. But to save us from ourselves.  For the wages of sin... all our bad ways equal our death and his immense love just couldn't let that happen. He came and took our place, died the death we should have died and freed us so we can live an eternity with him!
Did you hear that? He freed us from our constant striving and from guilt and sadness and offers us guilt-free living and ultimate peace!!!!
I want to see some smiles here, maybe even a few happy dances!
"And if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Him (Jesus) from the dead you will be saved!"

When we put Jesus at the center of our lives, not to the side, not outside the door of our lives, not telling him how much room he gets in our lives, something happens...
Freedom and JOY!
Unending Joy.
And the more you walk with him, the more joy you have. It grows because you rooted yourself in God.. And the fruit comes from knowing and being known and loved by God, so it lasts, And lasts and lasts.. Until one day when we see him face to face.
Seriously take a minute to imagine standing before your creator, before your king, your father... In complete and utter awe... Father, we did it. Father, You led me so well... Thank you. I can hardly wait.

Joy displayed in us doesn't look like a happy dance every morning, (though maybe for some it does!) joy is a still quiet, steady confidence that no matter what hardship we face, no matter what valley we are trying to get out of, no matter how crazy our day is that joy is knowing who has us. In knowing the God of the universe loves us and is always good.

But what do we do with our desires in the meantime? 

We abandon our grip on our desires and we sit before The Lord, maybe we fall before him, fall in desperation of wanting change. Of wanting to be in the right place with him.. A change of desires maybe, or patience to wait. We talk to Him.

We lay our desires at his feet and instead of asking for all these things, Bc he already knows our desires. We say, God work in me and take me where you want me. And u say this with a faith mindset. God, build my faith, my character in you and let's not worry about my physical life.... (Because faith is what lasts).
Help me let go of the short lived glamour of this world, help me Abandon everything before you and may you be the thing I crave most! Here you will find freedom, peace, joy love....

Life hasn't been at all what 16yr old Tara once imagined, but it's been full of joy. I am such a work in progress but I have learnt:
The healthy way to walk through hard deeply painful trials.
How to choose love over fear.
To trust that God loves me with a fierce love Just the same as all his other children.
And What freedom looks and feels like from living without strongholds.
And the list goes on. 

All that because I rooted myself in Christ, not because I'm amazing, he did all that work.
God doesn't promise lasting comfort, security or happiness apart from him. 
He promises the Joy that comes from the peace only Jesus can give.  It is born from the freedom we feel when we aren't holding onto this world and all it's desires. And it lasts. 

So I encourage you all to find Jesus and to know Him, not just know of him, taste the freedom that only he can give.

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. (Psalm 107:9 ESV)

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, (in Jesus) so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. (Romans 15:13 ESV)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Trips, Lies and Freedom

Happy Summer to ya'll!!!! (i just came back from a week with our American family and ya'll just has a cute way of sticking to my vocab:)

I can hardly believe summer is flying by. I'm trying to think of ways I can make it slow down so that my eldest doesn't have to start grade 1! There is something about grade one that says he is growing up WAY too fast!

We just got to spend a week with Preston's family in western Montana, on Flathead lake! Have you been there? I had not even heard of it but it is incredible! It was SO beautiful!
Kevin hadn't met Preston's family yet so this was a first for him! Everyone got along so well and you could just feel the presence of the Lord in every heart there:)

Glacier National Park - AMAZING! 

The boys and their cousin! 

Right before we drove to meet up with them we were staying with my dear friend Shelly and her family in Washington for a couple days. Shelly and I have been close for a long time! We had our babies at the same time and after Preston passed away she was a tremendous source of strength! She was a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with and our hearts were bonded forever.  So it only made sense that we absolutely had to stay with them on our way towards Montana! 

Me and Shelly! 

The last morning we were there I found out i wasn't pregnant, again:( That was such a downer for me (as we have been trying for quite awhile). 
The blog I missed posting the last couple months was one I didn't have any desire to post because I was too sad.... 
Last blog I told you how we were trying to get pregnant, well...  
And then we lost it. 
I had an early miscarriage at 6weeks. But it still hurt. Early or not. And when you try for any number of months and it finally works and then you lose the baby.... the disappointment is great.
I was confused and my heart was so so broken. 
YET out of the pain my heart and Kevin's became tangled like never before and we are so much stronger today! We had to make the choice to grow together and with God's strength and guidance we did it really well! So even if that was the only good thing i ever see come out of that painful time I am so thankful for that. And knowing we can conceive is a blessing too. 

But countless people told me that they got pregnant right after a miscarriage! And I am the most hopeful person I know (haha) so when it didn't happen i was seriously broken. The thing about any grief journey, or any journey of that same feeling over and over, the countless days of waiting for relief, the unknown and pain... 
IT IS EXHAUSTING!!!!!! Emotionally I am so tired of it.  

So the trip from Shelly's house to Montana was sad for me. I cried alot. I just can't hold things in, my poor family! but the good thing is that I get it out and then I work through it and I move on. So driving in a car didn't enable me to "get away" and i couldn't hold back the tears, but God was working on my heart even then, working on a very angry angry heart!  

Over the next week God took me on this journey that I didn't expect. That's the beauty of a heart sold out to Jesus. It is easy as a Christian to keep Jesus at a distance, but when you come into complete closeness with Jesus that is when you find FREEDOM! 

Over the last year there has been three things I have struggled with. I'm going to be short and brief with them so you get the main point I'm trying to make. They are life changers so READ ON! I will never be the same. I love how the Lord unwraps us in layers, ever so gently, mending the broken as he goes and restoring us to complete FULLNESS in HIM!

I was hearing lies from the enemy: Oh does he get you when you are down. 

Lie numéro 2: God has forgotten me
Really, I knew that wasn't true, i knew all these lies weren't true but I got caught up thinking that MAYBE they were!  But God isnt' satisfied with MAYBE and he revealed TRUTH again in this area.

Often in my hurt and anger and confusion as to just what the Lord is doing by allowing this pain I push him away. Often just by not praying or worshiping Him when that is the very thing that brings you out of your state of mind. When I draw near to the Lord I ALWAYS find that he never left, he just had a different plan than I did and I was too stubborn to let myself be open to it bc it was different than what I had planned. Yet again i was missing the freedom he was trying to show me. He IS faithful and if we allow him to he will renew and restore our broken hearts.  Even if that means playing worship music and let the words be your prayer because you have nothing left, that's OK!! God only wants to meet with you, he nudges us, and calls to us but he isnt' going to force you. 
"Because your love is better than life my lips will glorify you." - ps 63:3

Lie numero 3: I was doubting God, and hearing,"you can't really trust God" (THIS IS HUGE)
Well first, looking back on my personal monuments - those times when God was faithful in life and reading the Bible tells me he is trust worthy. But when I start doubting him do you know what we are actually doing? We are MAKING up a God who absolutely does NOT exist. I am making up a God BASED on MY feelings and not based on his character and what the Bible clearly says about HIM. God does not change, I do, but he does not. He is there 100% of the time. You need to remind yourself what you KNOW IS true, over and over, and over through reading scripture, and memorizing it. My favourite thing to do lately is to listen to the Bible because let's be honest, kids and quiet time don't go well together! I have the Bible app - 'You version' and you can audibly listen to any chapter you like. I suggest doing a reading program through the bible and the app has plenty to choose from! Let it play and be renewed as you see God's faithfulness through scripture. 

Lie numero 4: FEAR
bam bam bam! Oh fear.. rearing it's little ugly head SO many times this year. I fear my kids will die, i fear Kevin will die, or my family, or that I won't have another baby with my beloved. I fear watching someone die again, I fear injury of any kind... the list could go on but shall we not dwell;)
The truth the Lord revealed to me was the obvious, 
"There is NO fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..." 1 john 4:18
SO when I am fearing then I am NOT resting in God bc God IS Love (1 john 4:16)
When I am spending time with Jesus then I rest in him and I don't fear, i am so connected with the Father and I am able to give ALL to him all the time because we're in constant conversation. And the gift he gives me when I give him my fear? He satisfies me with his love. (bc when you give him something, he replaces the place fear was taking with a gift from him:)  
"For God has not give us a spirit of FEAR, but of power and of love and of a SOUND mind." 2 timothy 1:7 You don't have to fear or worry! It is a choice! 

So keep walking my friends! One day at a time. God's grace is sufficient for today. Ask Jesus to carry you when you can't do one more second of your journey. SOAK yourself in Him, even when you feel like sulking or sleeping, or just staying mad, because He WILL restore you and bring you OUT of the fire, refined like silver:)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What do you do in the waiting?


I have been plotting and planning for this blog post literally for months.
I have written and rewritten it so many times. And each time I couldn't finish it, but today, oh today is the day!

I feel soo blessed with the life I have! Kevin is incredible, he has adjusted to life with a family amazingly well. The boys adore him. He has taught them to ride bikes, responsibility, how to play baseball, and what it means to be a boy - in ways I won't even begin to describe here haha
and kevin has a patience with them that i certainly dont have! patience isnt my forte....

We have learnt more than we ever anticipated! They say that a child learns more in the first five years of their life than at any other time of life. Well I would seriously like to debate that one! This last five years I have learned more about raw, real life.... I have seen many many mountain tops, and many low valleys, even been stuck in a pit or two, or twenty, but who's counting;-)

And through every single step, every moment of our lives we haven't sunk into the deep, thrashing waters.
And oh u bet u know exactly why.
J-E-S-U-S :-)
Melt my heart, I stand in awe,
MY GOD IS GREAT!!! He is real and moving in incredible ways.
Don't miss Him.

A girl from my bible study recently lost her precious baby boy.
Heart twisting... How could this happen? God knows.

Do you want to know what she first told us ladies at study? "Girls, I want you to know how great our God is" !!!!!!!
Soak that in....

You absolutely cannot make that up. Grief is flooding, it eats you, and yet she saw and felt God right in the midst of deep pain. God has and is and will continue to work in their lives , they will have scars but they will not succumb to the pain. Its unimaginable pain but you must know and trust that God meets the grieving in unreal ways. I know first hand.

God doesn't take away our pain but he meets us at every single step of the way.
He Carries us
He walks with us
and through it all he is building in us depth,

"We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering PRODUCES endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. (Romans 5:3-5 ESV)

All this is made through his astonishing mercy, grace and love that no one can take from us... Not even death.

Kevin and I have not endured the loss of a child.
But, we have had our own real struggle this year.
I want to share it so maybe it can encourage someone else struggling with unanswered questions.... With hopes and dreams that just aren't coming to pass like they thought they would.

Babies. Oh babies!!
We really would love to have a third child! Oh the gift of a child. Don't u ever for one second take your baby or pregnancy for granted. You have a gift that many so deeply desire.

I know I have two adorable, wonderful boys and not at all have I been ungrateful for what I have! Kevin and I would just like to have a child together.

So, pregnancy isn't happening for us but no reason why. And yes we know every tiny detail of how haha

It's been a huge year but for so many reasons we wanted to try right away, even though there was alot of stress and realistically it might have been smarter to wait. (Like I said, I'm not so patient;-)
This has been a very painful journey that I never ever expected to go through but im here, i cant ignore it is effecting me even though i have two kids. Its still disapointing every month. i try to pretend its not but it is. So i have to deal with it, not live my life around it, deal with it - work through it.

I can truly say I am glad I have experienced it so I can say to another woman, I know what it's like to live month to month just waiting and hoping.... And then hopes dashed. Oh it is no fun at all. And watching everyone around u get pregnant. It's sad. And exhausting.

So what do you do with disappointment as a Christian?

With that waiting period? With the Impatience?
You have two choices, like Job (story in the bible) tell Jesus how mad you are, how frustrated u are and how this was NOT YOUR plan... And then you turn the switch off. Sorry God I'm done here, I just don't get you.
OR like Job did, you can tell God all those same pains, and then fall at his feet, curl up in his comforting arms, and sob. He is a very BIG God, he can take our rage.

And more than anything he wants his children to be raw and honest before him... Let Him pour his love upon us, and It is then that he can work so fluidly in our lives. When we let him come in and surrender all, casting our desires before him. And if you are bad at surrendering so am I!!! (Ill explain that later) but Jesus can help u get there, abandoned before Him.

And Oh did I let him in! I know by now I am dumb not to do that. What's the point of remaining in your slump?
And It's humbling really.
Look around you, great suffering plastered on newspapers, online, next door... Around the world, those big issues like... Hungry children and nations at war, genocides, way bigger issues than my little pain at not getting what I want when I want it. And YET, HE meets us wherever we are... He picks us up so gently and speaks love over us... He gently refines and restores. Digging out all our dirt.
The big pains to the little pains. He is your deliverer.

I thought, if I got through the death of Preston I could certainly get through anything!!! Ha. Not exactly. I mean, i can get through it but it doesn't mean it isn't painful.
I'm exhausted from the rollercoaster from the last five years and yet I love the growth that can come from it. So... Onward we go, I am not a quitter.

I am soo bad at surrendering my "stuff" to God. One huge reason is one you need to hear....

I don't always trust that Gods plan is best. True sad story:-/
Do you relate?

I want to control the timing of this baby. But I just haven't been able to convince God my timing is best:-/

I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and God knew it. He brought a dear lady into my life who has helped me come before Jesus. Mama Shelley sharkey!! She prays over me, she prays for me and speaks truth into my life. Everyone can use a good dose of godly life coaching.

Look at this picture: (actually scroll down Bc I can't seem to put it in the right place here through Blogger app)

It's me and a tree. A fruit tree.
I'm fruity so it's perfect.
What was I doing staring at a tree? Well... I was remembering truth.
For every lie you hear you need to remember the truths.
God takes care of his children. He prunes us when we need it - he knows when we do, you CAN trust him.
He takes away everything that gets in the way of your relationship with him Because he knows that the road to happiness is holiness and holiness ain't gonna happen if its up to us. Let him set your feet upon the path.

If we are rooted in Christ we will not be shaken, but The tree needs to be watered, it needs to be pruned or else it will overgrow and the branches will rub together and become more susceptible to disease. And disease leads to death.

And there is no way a good father is going to let his children go. Like a good father, Jesus cuts away our bad stuff, he nourishes and strengthens, he refines and restores so that we will produce "fruit" life giving fruit.
And we have the great hope that one day,
"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor PAIN anymore, for the former things have passed away." And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things NEW (emphasis mine)" (Revelation 21:4, 5 ESV)
Did you get that?
When all seems lost and sad and broken and oh soo frustrating you have hope!
You have JOY, from your salvation - you are free!! Hello that's a reason to rejoice in the midst of anything.

Oh and ps rejoicing in suffering doesn't mean dancing in the streets like, guess what?? life totally sucks right now but i dont care Bc Jesus is fixing it all!!!!! :-) :-) :-) while that is indeed true, that Jesus is fixing it, it's ok to be sorrowful (yet always rejoicing.) He knows your heart and he isn't for one second thinking you are bad if you are feeling sad.

Remember? He meets you where u are at and takes you to where he knows you need to be!!

Rejoicing and being thankful is a command. And for good reason, God knows that when we rejoice and give thanks we see MORE of him and less of us. And there. THERE, He teaches us.
So go to him, knowing you can trust His plans and dig deep into his word. After all it is his love letter to us.
Memorize, study, soak it in.
Then...... Shh wait for it....
LISTEN. he has so much to say, through scripture, through the whispers into your heart. Through analogies of trees;-)

I am in a good place today. I do believe we will have a baby, and i can hardly wait to love on it!!
I am sad it isn't happening today but I know my God is good and his plan is great. I CAN trust him. And in the mean time I have plenty to be thankful for!
One day ill sit with Jesus and we will watch the story of my life and ill see... And realize that he DID work everything out for my good.

Im excited to hear how God is working in your life! Talk and share with me if u want:-)