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Ezra Jack

Where have I been?!? With this bundle of sweetness!!! 

Ezra Jack! 
Thanks for all your emails asking for an update! I am really going to try and be more consistent in my writing. 
He arrived August 27th Which now makes him ONE month!! How on earth! Time just goes by so fast when you aren't sleeping 😂  Im kidding. He has actually been sleeping like a champ:-)  Anyone up for a birth story? I love how a group of girls can get together, no matter when it was that they last had babies and in detail re tell their birth stories!  The most painful moment collides with the most incredible moment and you can't ever forget it.  I had a midwife this time round and LOVED my experience!!  Due date was August 29th but We prayed that Ezra would come before or really close to that date bc Kev was going to school and it would be great if he could be home with us for a week.  Well come August 26th and this mama went into labor! Thank you Jesus!  I decided to do a natural drug free birth bc I was induced …

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