Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, I can't ever seem to motivate myself to participate in a triathlon, or a marathon, or even a walkathon, but I can do a blogathon, lots of people are participating and helping make life insurance sweep the blogging world today!

 I am passionate about what we're talking about today! 
Protecting the ones you love by getting LIFE INSURANCE!!

It was September 16th, 2008.
The morning after Preston was swept into eternity. Not just 8 hours ago he was beside me. Now he was forever gone, and I could hardly keep up with all that was happening.
My heart was shattered. Close friends and family were flooding the hotel we were at. I was thankful, and I was overwhelmed. Someone mentioned funeral plans, of course, of course that's the next step, but oh what a sad step.
We made some calls, my fragile heart aching the whole time.
Then I stood back, and gazed across the hotel lobby, I saw friends working on the computer making arrangements. I saw others playing with my son Jacob.  And still more people, strangers, moving on with their life, no idea mine was just ripped apart.
And then it hit me.
I. Have. Life Insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I took a big breath of relief, some relief in this painful moment was priceless. I pulled a friend aside. "we had a life insurance policy! I just remembered" She rejoiced with me. I think it brought relief and joy to everyone.
A young mother, 20 something. One young child, another on the way. And a dream that Preston and I had, to stay home with our babies should anything happen to one of us.
A dream that could now become a reality. When so much was crashing down around us we had a safety net. It didn't make anything ok, or take away even an ounce of pain but it was a gift that would be felt for years to come.

Life insurance has not just been a policy, it has been a gift! A gift from Preston, his last gift to us. And what a gift it was!! To not have the stress of finances is well, priceless.
While it has been an emotionally rough and painfuljourney, I am so thankful for the impact and freedom life insurance has broughtto my boys and I.  As a parent you wantdesperately to give them a beautiful life.  I know I cannot control everything, but it’s a blessing tobe able to establish things like education funds, paying for swimming andsoccer lessons, preschool, trips to see grandparents who are far away, maintaininga reliable car, and providing a home they can call their own and even startinga savings account for my retirement. 

A life insurance policy is worth every penny. And honestly, those pennies aren't much. For us it means giving up a dinner out each month, and really that isnt' so bad when you can have family pizza, movie night at home and make some wonderful memories together! 

I know you don't think it will ever happen to you. But it will. Have you heard this one undeniable fact? 10 out of 10 of us will indeed die! I know, shocking. So your family WILL USE your policy. You may not use it to raise your family if you pass away when you are older but think about the gift it will still be at any age for your kids.  Did you know that funerals cost up to $10,000?
Do you feel my passion? do you see how vital this choice is?

As you make your final conclusions on whether life insurance is right for you, imagine this, what would your family's life look like without Life Insurance should you pass away? Really, stop and imagine.

Here’s some great resources to help YOU CHOOSE life insurance. Because i know, you're gonna do it, today:) Don't put it off another minute, insure your family and sleep well knowing you are protecting the ones you love! 

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Anonymous said...

Tara, it was because of your blog that we invested in life insurance!!


Jeff Rose said...


Thank your sharing your story and taking part in the #LifeAWARE movement. It was very touching and reinforcement of why I did this today.

Thank you.

glenda said...

Love your blog! My mom was big on life insurance and instilled that in every one of us, so thankfully we've always had life insurance, because you just never know. My dad passed when I was 13 and thankfully that helped my mom so much. Being able to stay home with myself and my younger sister.

Thank you for sharing your story, your boys and your new chapter. Wishing you all only the best! Much love to all of you!ofenlyi No 14

Elnora Cowger said...

I was touched by your story, Tara. As for the topic, it’s important to have life insurance as soon as your 25 years old. It’s true that all of us will die, and sadly, we don’t know when this’ll happen. Our life insurance should be adjusted according to how we live our lives presently. Life insurance is a very wise investment, so you must not take it for granted.

Hershel Duffey said...

I agree with you, Elnora. Life insurance can help you fund certain financial goals. It can help in funding college education, purchasing a home, or raising a capital for your business. Also, it can help in paying and settling an individual’s remaining taxes and debt.

Hershel Duffey

Barry Bates said...

It is really sad that it had to be like that. I mean, who would ever want to lose someone right at the point when you are trying to start your life with him? But he really loved you guys so much because he had thought of the fact that he didn’t want you to suffer through financial problems if ever he passes away.

Fe Penley said...

That left me speechless. This is quite a heartfelt post. I'm sure you really missed him, and at the same time, you’re thankful for what he had built you and your family. The things that you posted here will surely help those who are in doubt of having their own insurance. This is a great post, Tara!

@ Glenda, I'm sure that you are enjoying the benefits of having life insurance. It's cool when your parents constantly remind you of the importance of some things, right? :)


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