Sunday, May 07, 2006

What are two things that I couldn't live without?

Friends and family...I have so many great friends and family, if you're reading this I'm sure you're one of them. I think one of the greatest gifts God has given us is the ability to love another person. That being a friend, a family member or the love of your life. What actualy makes a good friend? Everyone probably has their own opinions, but for me a good friend is someone that obviously I connect with, but someone that I can talk about life with, the things that matter in life, no matter our background. Talk about our problems, and the things we love and everything else in between. I guess I love listening to people and of course I appreciate people listening to me, I love to laugh with people and while this is starting to sound like an add that should be on it's just me being incredibly thankful for all my friends and family. It is wild where life takes us, I never once imagined I would be married this young, yet alone to an American and living in the US.... working as CEO (well it had a nice ring to it!!) never thought I would live this far away from so many people I love, but God has a plan and i'm having a great time. I guess I really appreciate those who I dont' see as often though!

I think about all those people in "katrina" who lost absolutely all their material belongings but didn't seem to care. All they cared about was that their friends and familiy were safe. And those are some of the greatest things in life... the ones that bring a huge smile to my face anyways!

So know that you are loved by me... i treasure you and I wish so badly I could see my friends and family that live far away much more... I've been trying to get prest to buy me a private jet, I mean it's just pocket change right!??! haha.... ahh well, one day!

Take care love that crazy friend Tara Newby, and if you don't think I'm crazy you've gotta get to know me better! And if this does sound familiar to some of you, yes, I published this on my msn space as well:) you're not losing your mind! then again...