Friday, June 02, 2006

I always feel so weird talking to this, "lump of plastic and metal," but my lovely husband went to a guys night so here I am to pour out my thoughts. I had such a hard day today, I work in customer service, like most of the world and at the end of the day and the end of the week I just get so tired...kind of like the dog above. I have to lean on God entirely or I will just ruin someone's day, one look or one word and I've done the damage! Have you ever gotten to the point where you're like if I have to talk to one more person I'm going to scream or hit something really hard, hopefully it won't be them right!? I kind of enjoy hitting something more than screaming, it feels so much better! Just ask Preston:) But as I sit and reflect on the day I am so thankful I held my tongue or in this case my bulging muscles back! It's never their fault anyway. I know my mind wasn't thinking the sweetest things, but thank God (literally) I kept it inside. He is my strength, I often feel closer to God when i'm going through a rough time because I need him so badly, I'm holdin on with all I got baby and it's in those weak times that I see my deep need for Him, He will never leave me nor forsake me. What a God I serve!
So to conclude and that was a great release, thanks for listening....

"I hate the world today, but I love this life that You have given me" - Starfield

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Demara said...

Thanks for these reflective words! I enjoyed reading them because I can relate to them. I just resigned from Wal-Mart, I was a Cashier and ya, need I say more?

In case you're wondering how I found you, it was through my cousin Andrew's blog. I saw you had posted there so I thought I'd come check you out. Hope you don't mind.