Friday, July 21, 2006

The Great South

Recently we went to visit ALL of Preston's family in the south, I mean Texas and Arkansas, and we also got to go to Oklahoma, yay Carie Underwood. It was my first time to the south and wow is it EVER different from what I am used to!!!! Here are some things I learnt about the south:

1. The people are SUPER nice
2. Everthing is SUPER, meaning super walmarts, super targets etc
3. Everyone has at least ONE truck
4. Fireflys are truly real, or was I the only one who doubted this?
5. There are churches on every corner and they are HUGE!
6. People drink Ice Tea down there like it's water
7. People have their own 'southern' language
8. In Arkansas almost every house is made of brick
9. Some ppl really do have 16 children
10. You actually SEE people praying in public

It was an amazing trip, I got to know Preston's incredibly, amazing family who I really miss and experience things like I had never done, ie: catch fireflies! And go to six flags in Dallas. But I think I'm still in love with the West Coast, I mean c'mon, the trees, the mountains and the ocean what could be better?

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