Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our 2nd Anniversary

TWO YEARS!! It's hard to believe that time has flown by so fast, but I can honestly say that it has been the best two years of my ENTIRE life! Life is so different, you can't really compare one year to the next because you're always in a different place.....College, marriage, children, dentures and diapers(haha).
As time goes on we grow and mature and learn and it's such a beautiful thing. I love that we have been married for two years and you know what? It was incredible!! I hate when the world says, "oh you just wait until you've been married for a couple years and then see what you think about your spouse or about marriage" Or the whole wife and husband bashing, it's so degrading and not what marriage should be at all. I belive that it is entirely your choice whether you want a good marriage or not. I think pride is the one factor that breaks marriages up, because I have seen so much pride in just myself!! I can be awful, if I really wanted to be, can't we all?! Preston and I often talk about this and say how easy it would be to just give into our sinful nature and let our pride get the best of us. Sorry for the rant, but I am so passionate about marriages staying together until you really are in dentures and have to change each others diapers!!! How amazing to spend your entire life with someone else...getting to know them on such a deep and intimate level and becoming a better person yourself. It truly is one of God's greatest gifts. Marriage can make you such a better person, but I know without a doubt that these last two years would not have been so incredible if we hadn't put all of our faith, hope and trust in Jesus Christ. He is our ROCK, we've run to Him for strength and all our needs. To God be the glory for the success of our marriage.

I've discovered just how much God loves us, I think about how much I love Preston and I can't even fathom that, let alone fathom that God loves us so so much more! What a great God we serve! I often feel that I don't deserve this gift of marriage, but I will try my best to honor God and honor my husband in all that I do.
So i hope that if you're reading this and you're not married that you will be excited to enter that step in your life and not terrified! haha, know that if you trust in God and look to him for all your needs you will have an amazing marriage! And if you're already married then I hope this encourages you.

Oh ya, what did we actually do for our anniversary? We went to the coast and experienced it like never before!! We went to a few redneck cities, really, I had no idea there were redneck cities this far west. I am niave. We went to the was museum, ripley's believe it or not and the undersea gardens. But the beach we went to after was definetly the best! It really doesn't matter what you do when you spend it with the love of your life.

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Demara said...

Happy Anniversary! It'll be our 2 years in NOvember. Exciting times!