Sunday, August 06, 2006


Isn't that exciting!?! Although it wasn't a planned pregnancy we feel overwhelmingly blessed. We found out about a month ago and I am just over two months pregnant. We couldn't wait to tell everyone any longer.
That is our little newblett to the left, it's first ultrasound! Not that you can really see too much, but when we were at the doctors we saw the heartbeat and wow, it was very emotional to know that is our child. I'll try to explain the picture, we're not sure, haha, but we think the spine is facing us. At the left of the screen is the head, the brain and then the body and you can make out the arms and the legs and that little blob at the bottom is the sac that it is feeding off of for now. And if you look really closely you can see the sac it is in. (The other is a really clear picture from a website, but it is a baby at two months, same as ours, i thought it would make it a little clearer) What a miracle! God is such an incredible God. I mean I knew I was pregnant, but this made it so much more realistic. We found out when my parents came down in July, it was a real family affair! It was really special for me and Preston to find out with ppl that we are closest to.

I have been pretty sick though, bad morning sickness or as my grandma says, dinner sickness as well! I seem to get the worst of it in the morning and at night! I am super picky with what I like to eat and I love frozen foods, like freezies, fruit and yogurt, and love potatoes and starchy foods, but hate meat! Prest has been the most amazing husband through it all, I can't really stand to cook as I hate most foods and I am so exhaused that cleaning and me don't really get along right now so Prest has been doing alot of that and he hasn't complained once! what a man!

The funniest story that has come out of my pregnancy so far is, once when I was driving home from work I started to feel really sick and I usually have a bag with me to throw up in, but this time it wasn't here! of course right?! So I tried to think of everything else, and I couldn't so..... I threw up all over myself and the seat. I was in rush hour on the highway so I was pretty impressed I didn't crash! I can't imagine though, what the ppl around me were thinking! Through tears and laughter I called Preston and told him what happened, when I pulled up to our place he was waiting outside with cleaning supplies. He told me to get cleaned up and that he would clean the mess, now that is LOVE!!!!!!!!! I have no worries with him, he will be an awesome daddy! The baby is due March 16th, but if I haven't had it by the 23rd I will be induced.
What a wild adventure we're about to step into, but we know that God's plans are so much better than ours and we have a great peace about that! I will have to postpone school for just a little while longer, but that is totally ok with me. I have a peace about that as well. And Prest is done school in December so we're praying he gets a great full time job, please pray for that if you think of it!
Take care,
Tara and the little newblett!


Ty said...

Tara & Preston,

All blog bantering aside, let me be the first on your site to say CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic news! I am sure you both are just blown away with the thought of being a mommy & daddy. You'll both make rad parents! Enjoy this experience together...



ashleyalvina said...

sigh. I am overfilled with joy :)

Matthew g Prior said...

Becky and I are stoked! Now we need to not be delinquint "friends" and actually see you! Becky wants you to give a call if you ever have wierd cravings or need someone to talk to about any of it! That's amazing!

Demara said...

That's crazy! You throwing up all over yourself and the car, aw. I hope that doesn't ever happen to me but ya I think I would have done the same thing, laughed and cried at the same time while telling my hubby. That IS totally great that he was ready to clean it up. Awesome!