Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hey! I'm back, I am so bad at updating this thing. I know how many of you have felt deprived of my deep insights. ha-ha.
So what is new with the Newby's? Well we got to hear the babies heart beat a few weeks ago, that was nothing short of amazing! It's still so unreal to me that there is a child inside me, I'm not really showing and I'm almost four months. That is totally normal, but I just want a belly, that's the first time those words have ever left my mouth. I actually lost two pounds this trimester, which isn't too good, but it's normal for a woman who has been sick. I'm still praying that leaves me real soon, feel free to join me on that quest. I laugh when I watch the commercials that shout, LOSE WEIGHT through this or that way cause I'm trying to do the exact opposite. Although I still can't get over the fact that by the end of this pregnancy I will be 30 pounds heavier. I have outgrown one pair of pants though, I have a slight pouch.
Preston is still searching like crazy for a job, his two classes started last week, so he's going to work doing landscaping until something better comes along. I just wish he could get his dream job, but it's all in God's hands.
We came to Canada this past week! It's so refreshing coming up there, I bet you never thought one would be so excited to see a Tim Hortons or hear the word, Bonjour or in some cases Kinichi-wa! (ok I really have no idea what language that is). We went up for my buddy Mandi and Travis's wedding. It was so incredibly beautiful and we got to see alot of ppl we hadn't seen in forever!!!!! Including Sheila and Jen who flew across the country for the wedding, we hadn't seen them since Briercrest like two years ago. I am so thankful that we have such wonderful friends, friends who stay up until 1am for us to get to their house and friends who you may have spent months away from, but when you see each other again it's as if no time has passed. Those are true friendships woulndn't you say?
But back to their wedding, it was really great to see two ppl who are so desperatly in love with each other become one and start such a sweet adventure together. I wish we could have stayed longer though. Mal, my sister came home with us for a week so that's great having a child in the house! haha, just kidding Mal. But we've already had so much fun, minus the one day that we forgot to give her a key to the house so she couldn't really leave, but she got over it! haha.

Oh ya, i totally forgot! The best thing that's happened all week? Suri Cruise's photo release, it really changed my life. (note: intent sarcasm)

Well I should get going, thanks for reading my random, random thoughts!



Demara said...

Thanks for the updates! I just love how you write, with such energy. Thanks again.

Demara said...
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Demara said...

Oh and I forgot to say that Kinichi-wa is actually spelt "konnichi-wa" I believe and it's Japanese or nihongo. I studied Japanese for 3 years about 4 or 5 years ago now, but still love it very much, although I am forgetting it, slowly, because I can't seem to use it here. Oh and Konnichi-Wa means: Good Afternoon or hello only when in person, if on the phone it's "Mush-Mushi", which is pronouced: "Moosh-Mooshy".

ashleyalvina said...

Hey Tara,
I too was deeply influenced by the photos....
All sarcasm aside, she sure is a cutie though!

Ok enough about my nemesis Tom and his victim of a wife (hmm....bias? noooO) SOO good to hear about your own baby! And that it's doing well and has a heartbeat! YAY!

I look forward to many more posts from you in the future,

Taryn said...

Tara! So glad to hear about your bundle of joy...I will be praying that Preston gets an awesome job...and praying for your morning sickness!!