Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hey!!!! I'm alive! I am just so so awful at keeping up with this blog. And to be honest I think it's cause who would be interested in my bombo jombo? But I read everyone elses blogs religiously!! Even if I don't comment I do read them. So here I am, I have lots of new news for you dedicated readers out there. I mean it's not that exciting, but hey it's new right?

We know if we're having a boy or a girl....and I would post it on here, but I've already told a few ppl who didn't want to know and I got a few nasty emails....oops!! So if you do want to know please email me and I'll be so happy to tell you! We're really excited.
Here are some pics of the little newblett, most are pretty self've got your arm and your foot and a cute little profile and then there is one which is the far left where it's a pic of the baby and then right above it's face is his leg...yes it is one flexible kid!! But I guess I would be too if my bones weren't fully hardened. Anyway, the babies knee is above it's face and it's foot behind his!!!! I can't tell you how many times I have put 'he' or 'she' and had to delete it and put 'it' haha. This is the baby at 20 weeks. I am now 22weeks. It is so far a very healthy and from what we can tell, cute baby!! I can't wait to meet him. To finish up on the pregnancy news I am pretty much done my sick stage, praise the Lord!!!!!! I still get sick a little, but only if I haven't eaten anything. The funniest thing that has happened since I threw up all overmyself in the car was that one Sunday I wasn't feeling so good and so I raced to the bathroom and purged, but I slightly had to go pee at the same time and when there is already something or I guess someone sitting on your bladder it's like you don't have full control and so the story goes, I peed my pants and threw up all at the same time. Now you might be thinking, Tara that was so gross please don't ever tell us anything like that again or you might feel bad for me. But you shouldn't because I think it's one of the funniest things ever.... I mean it only makes sence that something like that would happen to me. I couldn't stop laughing anyway. The best word to describe my pregnancy is, ADVENTURE! It can either be totally crazy and overwhelming or totally an amazing adventure and I like the latter far more!

Ok so onto other non-baby news!! Preston is graduating in a couple of weeks, yay!!! He only has two classes right now that he is finishing up. So we have been praying for a job for him. Specifically in ministry since that is what he went to school for and that is his passion. He had been applying to a million different jobs in Portland with nothing looking too hopeful. We were beginning to think we might have to move out of state or city which we didn't want to do because of the baby and changing doctors etc. So we prayed specifically for a job that was in the city or close to it, we wanted to be hear our friends still and a job that paid enough so that I didn't have to work if I didn't want to after the baby comes and a job with benefits. Well.... we discovered again (for the millionth time) that God's plans and his timing are always the greatest thing ever. We have been going to a church in a suburb about 20 min. away and Prest and his good friend Jonathan had been helping out at the youth group. They were in the process of hiring a youth pastor when he backed out and Prest and Jonathan (aka: The Boys) were asked to take the youth pastor position as a team. They were so so happy and had only dreamed what it would be like to work together. It was the job that perfectly fit what we had prayed for. God is so good, he knows above and beyond what we need. Prest is really excited about what God is going to do at the church. He's a natural with the youth and I am so proud of him. It's really fun hanging out with the teens and being involved they're alot of fun. As some of you know I was terrifed to be a pastors wife, but when this job came along I wasn't that scared at all. It was a God thing, and I also have the most amazing friend in Jonathan's wife, Kristin. Her and I are our own little team as well as part of the big team with the boys, but she has been an incredible strength and support and will always be for me. The staff at the church is so great. The pastors and their wives are so real and down to earth. they're fun and very wise. It's humbling to be a part of all of it.

So that is what is new with us, I'm just working and having a good time doing that, and looking forward to this next HUGE step in our lives:) Thanks for all your comments, I love hearing from you.
Love you all, take care
Tara and her newblett


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara,
You missed one...I found a "HIM". Haha!! I'm so excited for you
Love Sarah Rauser

Matthew g Prior said...

You missed quite a few "him" and one or two "his" but Becky, Kate and I are so happy for you and preston! Did Jack ever get ahold of you?

Anonymous said...

hi guys!! amazing!!

Erin said...

i love the ultrasound pictures!! good thing Jonathan video taped our ultrasound, because they wouldn't give us any pictures from it! it's amazing to see the little baby on the screen. how are you feeling these days?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara!! I saw Malory tonight & we were talking about you being pg & I asked if you have a here I am, visiting! What fun that are having a baby!! I was laughing reading your posts & can just picture you laughing as you hang over the toilet with all sorts of things happeneing! I will always remember the beauty of you laughing & making your own fun :) Sounds like life is wonderful for you. We do have a very great God.
Doesn't look like you update very often, but I will check in once in awhile & see what's new & hopefully get to watch your belly grow! Maybe we'll see ya around in December??Luv, Rena from the OK

Anonymous said...

Tara, beautiful Tara!
Honestly it is so refreshing to 'hear your voice' :) You are such a delight, and that story of you puking/peeing definitely made me giggle, all in love of course :) lol...
When is your due date again??
love you,