Monday, January 29, 2007

The ocean

The Ocean. Wow. It never ceases to leave me entirely speechless.
This weekend I went on a woman's retreat with our church to the coast. It was so incredible. We stayed in a place right on the waters edge. It was a time of learning more about our Lord and worshiping Him, getting to know other girls from the church and having a great time, lots of laughter and little sleep!
I couldn't keep my eyes off the ocean, something about it. It's powerful, it seems to diminish all your worries, and your fears and the feeling that replaces those is peace. I think this means more to me because the ocean reminds me of God. When I look to God all those meaningless worries and fears are washed away and replaced with peace and I realize how silly those feelings were in the beginning. The ocean reminds me of God's holiness - perfect love and righteousness. How awesome is it that I have a relationship with this God, the one who created the ocean and that gorgeous sunset? I talk to Him every day! He is my rock and I find my strength and my joy in Him. He is my King and He is my love, He is Jesus, he changed my life, let him change yours.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!
what an awesome encouragement this post is for me tonight...
so thrilled to hear your devotion to God...inspires me to vision a future where Jillian & Grace grow into strong women of the faith, just like u :)

ashleyalvina said...

hey hun,
how are you? you seem relaxed :) When is your baby due? It must be soon hey? Unless he is born already...hmm... :) Anyways, update when you can love.

love Ashley

sheilagh mcnab said...

Mandi gave me the site for your new little treasure....he is so beautiful!!! I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and that I think you're going to make wonderful parents!!