Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Can you hardly believe Christmas and New Years has come and gone? So much planning and then it's over! Prest and I got to go home to B.C. for Christmas, which was totally awesome! I didn't get to visit with everyone I wanted, but that always seems to happen when I go home. There is one pic of me in the snow cause I was so excited that we actually had a white Christmas I had to celebrate.

My pregnancy is going great! I am just super exhausted, but is that abnormal for the third trimester? NOPE! I asked my doctor, "So is there such a thing as too tired when you're pregnant?" He just laughed...and said no, you'll be exhausted! ha-ha! I have gained the perfect amount of weight so far so I'm really happy about that. They (like who is they anyway?) say it's good to gain between 25-30lb and I have gained 22 so with just over a month and a half left I think I'll definetly work my way up to 30! I am 32 wks and the pic I posted here is from week 30 so maybe I'm a little bigger now. I guess I'll just have to repost another pic soon. Six more weeks until he is full term and I will gladly welcome is coming into the world! Where as now he would struggle a little bit. Oh guess what? I got stretch marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO! I was so proud I had come this far, but alas they attacked. "They" (there "they" are again) say that it is genetic, so thanks mom! haha. And yes I did use Cocoa butter many times a day. They're really small and I'm praying they stay that way. I know that ppl say they're love marks and while I agree with that who wants their skin to be all marked up? I had really nice skin on my belly and I know with time they'll go away, but I have to be honest and say I hate them! But for my son I'd take all the stretch marks in the world. I just can't wait to meet him.

Ok, going back to Christmas vacation, oh that glorious time! On the way home we flew from K-town to Vancouver and then picked up our friends in Van where we drove to Portland. But on the flight the turbulence was soooo terrible! I started to feel sick, yes this is another gross story. Well I made it to the landing and almost as soon as we landed I managed to fill two sick bags! I felt so bad, mostly for the guy next to us, but Prest and I managed to laugh about it after. You really have to laugh or it's just a nasty experience. I thought I was the only one to ever fill a barf bag on a plane, but I was quite happy to know that my dear friend Sierra filled three bags. I love that girl. They should really make them bigger.

Well I should go, sorry my posts are always so long, it's because I never write enough. I swear one day I'll get better. Love you all! Hope life is treating you well and I appreciate all your emails and comments:)


Lindsey said...

I am SO glad your posts are long. I love reading them:)
I love your barf stories. haha. Poor guy sitting next to you:)
I am kind of blogging... sort of. i think. haha. I am not too sure what I am doing.
Take care... and one request: more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara, you look fantstic!! was nice to see u for a little bit in Armstrong. it is wonderful to see you looking sooooooooooooo happy. what a blessing :)
i look forward to hearing about Baby being born!

Brad & Britteny Cooper said...

Hey tara, its britteny, hope your feeling good how many weeks till the baby comes?