Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grandma time

Grandma time! Our mom's have helped out so much. Preston's mom is the top one, Jacob is praising the Lord..too cute! And obviously the bottom one is my freaky mama!
Pam, Preston's mom came first and then my mom came who is still here:) They have been a huge help, cooking meals and cleaning my house! I love it. But we do live in a tiny apartment so that makes for interesting times! Oops sorry for stepping on your head mom kind of thing...

I wish we lived closer to family, but we're super thankful for a great church family. They're such a blessing and Kristin and Jonathan, (our closest buddies here) who deserve so much more thanks then we've given them have been SUPER great!!! The mom's spoiled us they bought us some clothes to make me at least feel sane again and Prest just for fun, he deserves stuff too. I have to be honest I may look good for just having had a baby, but I don't feel like a hot mama. My belly looks like a war zone and my hips extend beyond my shoulders...just kidding, but it feels that way. It was great for them to buy us some clothes though, I needed to feel pretty again. Superficial I know. But girls you understand. And I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow!!!!! Long locks be gone! I have grown my hair out for forever and it's time to get something fresh.

Jacob has been sleeping more through the night, like waking up only once..but then there are the nights that he keeps mommy up until 4am...those are not so fun and I'm like totally dillusional by that time. I'm serious though, one time I was feeding him at like 3am and I was staring at this piece of dirt on the floor - no I don't vacuum anymore. haha. And I swear it was moving towards me, I'd refocus my eyes and it would stop and then a few seconds later it would move again. Well it really wasn't moving, I'm just crazy and waaay too tired. After that night I decided it would be a great idea to sit on the computer or watch t.v. when I feed. I'm much more awake.
Well those are the daily ramblings of me, Prest and Jacob, life changing I know. ha-ha.



Anonymous said...

Wow! A couple of HOT Grandmas!

the derksens... said...

Hi Tara,
Love the pictures, your mom is such a cute little grama, Glad things are going well, take care, talk to you later,
Love Renee

Ryan André said...

Hey Preston and Tara!

Jacub sure is a beautiful baby! And he is so lucky to have such loving parents and family support!

I am very glad to hear everything is going well with you and your household. Despite the lack of sleep. I can't imagine how tiring it is... Oh wait, maybe I can - I went to college. :) But not having a choice and doing it for a new child! Though it must be tough, I'm sure it is amazing at the same time! Keep on trucking on and serving our amazing God!

The Lord bless Jacub, you, and your man Preston!

Grace and Peace,


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
So fun to see some new pictures! That one of Jacob and your Mom-he looks so much like Preston wow! So amazing to see what pieces of you both he has put together to make Jacob. Take care, don't get too crazy with those moving dots on the floor!
Love Sarah

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah again. When I said "he" I was referring to God. Thought I'd clear up the vague comment.

ashleyalvina said...

aw Tara I love reading your blog. Funny how even after all my facebook and myspace fixes I am still not satisfied and have to read everyone's blogs too...sigh :) Maybe one day I'll have a baby and therefore have something more important to do with my day, haha!
He is way too precious by the way! Love the pics :)

Anonymous said...

love the pics! grandmas are the BEST, eh?! great to see your mom finally gettin' a little snuggle-time :)
take care, Renaxox