Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jacob has arrived!!!

Our son has finally decided to grace us with his presence!! A week early at that! I'm just really slow at blogging - he he forgive me!

Jacob Clay Newby was welcomed into the world - March 6th 2007 at 1:26am weighing 7lb 11oz which means he is destined for slurpies all his life!
He came a week early because I had low amniotic fluid, which was thankfully caught before it became a bad thing! We went in for an ultrasound and came out with a baby! Literally though, that's what happened, we had an ultrasound because the doc thought I was a little small for 39wks... and since it turned out I was small because of the low fluid they had to induce me right there and then to make sure there would be no danger around the corner! It was quite an emotional experience, there are no words to describe the birth of your child! It's a miracle. The coolest thing about the birth was when his head and shoulders came out they let me lift under his arms and pull him the rest of the way out and onto my chest!! Wow! That was amazing. The entire labor experience was great, sure there was some pain, but the worst pain only lasted for an hour because the wonderful doctors blessed me with an epideral, which I HIGHLY recommend to those giving birth!!!!!! It was like my lower half was in a peaceful place even though it was giving birth to a 7lb child! That was totally freaky, sorry!

And postpardum...well I could devote an entire book to the one week I have already endured. Sleep...what is that? This child is attached to me, I am his food supply and that is just wild! But being a mother is absolutely wonderful. I still can't really believe this happened, it came so fast! It is overwhelming and amazing all at the same time! But I have a great, great husband to explore this new chapter in our lives:) He's already a natural!


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