Happy Easter!!

Here are more pics of our ever changing little Jacob!
And one of him in a dress... oh I mean nightgown...he he, I'm so cruel, but they're just so darn handy and cute!

He grows so stinkin fast! In one month he has outgrown alot! Luckily he has more clothes than Preston and I put together, so he's covered. Sorry all my blogging is about baby, that is really the most exciting and biggest thing going on in our lives right now, maybe I can muster something else up later.
The first week was definetly the hardest week, I was in tears alot, overwhelmed by how amazing this experience is and how difficult. I admire my parents far more than I ever did. I got a bit of the baby blues, but not postpartum depression, the blues are much more mild. Like a few times a week for like an hour I'll cry and be angry and not really have a reason or have a million reasons and it comes on super fast and leaves just as fast! I think it's just me dealing with this huge change and poor Preston is so great for having to cope with it. The guys at church were joking that they come home from work and they have a crying baby and a crying wife. Somedays it's true, but what matters on those days is if they take the baby from us at those moments! ha! I think it's so important to have other friends and mothers to relate with and get support from or it probably would turn into postp depression and I have been blessed with that for sure!

I really miss Preston though, it's understandable how a baby can interfere with your relationship, but it's harder then I thought. SIDE NOTE: I just started Jacob on the bottle, well Prest did! It was so cute, some babies don't latch on right away, but it only took him seconds! Typical guy likes his food! We heard it was good for the dad or someone other then mom to feed the baby his first bottle so that he isn't confused as to why mom isn't giving him the real thing! And it worked. So back to my missing Preston story, because we've started him on the bottle we can go on dates! yay! The only date we've had since he was born is a quick trip to the movie store and grocery store for a movie and ice cream thanks to Grandma! I can't relate how important I think it is for a couple to maintain and continue improving their relationship when they have kids because a better team makes better kids..that's my opinion anyway! And I don't want to find my identity solely in my kids cause when they move out it would be like, Preston who? Tara who?

Ok let me find something other than baby that is going on... hmmm.... hmmm... hmmm...
ok I'm kidding, let's see.... Well Preston is still loving his job, he gets to hang out alot with the youth and is really bonding to them, I miss the kids!! I don't get to spend enough time with them for obvious reasons. We're going to Montana for Preston's sisters grad in May, that'll be fun! And Fiji in the summer. No, I'm kidding, I just needed something interesting, I WISH!!

Well I'm outta here, he is sleeping and I should get something done! ~T


the derksens... said…
hey Tara,
he still is looking pretty cute!! I'm pretty sure I remember you saying you were getting your hair cut???? We'd like to see some picutres or your "mommy do" !! When are you guys planning your next trip to the okanagan? talkto you later, love Renee
Hey i was visiting Enderby for 2 weeks so i didn't do any new posts but i did now! your little guy is so cute! sounds like you got this new mom stuff pretty figured out! and yes dates are very important i agree! were moving back to the okanagan at the end of the month so make sure you let me know when you are going to be in the area!
Luv Britt
tara! i really enjoy reading your very candid blog! you & preston made a very cute kid (& I suppose God helped out too)

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