Monday, April 09, 2007

My new hair!!

I finally got a new hair cut! I went to this super cute place where they massaged your head and your back, now that is what I call good service! It was worth the $200 cut....
Just kidding, I'm not that retarded!
This picture isn't very good, but we were on our way to church and when you have a baby you do everything super fast!
I like how you can see Prest taking it in the mirror... we planned that you know? haha. ya right, we're freaks!


ahaak said...

Fabulous hair and pics ;)

wow ... I'm writing this way too late at night ... I think I'm addicted to the net or something.

Glad to see that parenthood has kept you reasonably insane. Have you recovered any of your missing brain cells recently? I think a large portion of mine are gone for good ...

- A

ashleyalvina said...

hey tara! i love all your pictures!

how i posted the video: i put it up on myspace, and then took the HTML Code (which is usually listed below the vid somewhere..) and then put that HTML crap into my blog as a new post.
FYI: Blogger will tell you the HTML code is incorrect, but it's not. Just save the blog as is, and it should work! Any other questions let me know :)

Mandi Bartel said...

tara! I love reading your blog. Jacob is soooo adorable! Before you know it he'll be eating cereal! I just wanted to say hi and i hope that all three of you are doing well. your hair looks great, you're one hot momma!

love mandi (walde)

Lindsey said...

I need a head and back massage:)
I am thankful that you put so much info into your blogs about your baby experience. We are thinking of tackling the task of a baby next summer. We've been married three years now and it seems that everyone married after us has kids! We even have friends that were married 6 months after us and they just had their second child! We are really getting behind! We'll see... God's timing:)

Andrea Peters said...

ah tara friend... cute hair! whom ever did your hairs did a fantabulous job... someday you will have to let me play hair with you!