Monday, April 30, 2007

The Best Day

This weekend Prest was away on a youth retreat and Jacob and I couldn't go:( I hate when Prest is away, we live on the 2nd floor, but I still get scared at night!! I'm a weeny, but I'm proud. Even if we lived on the 44th floor I would still get creeped out. I have a self made alarm just in case any freaks decide to break in, it's quite amazing.... I have a rack full of clangy utensils that I strategically place behind the front door! If anyone comes in and I don't hear them breaking down the door I will hear the rack of utensils crash over! How creative am I? ha ha

So you are probably wondering what the picture of feet is from, and I really don't' know, I just found the pic on the internet and thought they were beautiful. Nahh, I'm kidding! They are mine and they're super happy feet because they just got a pedicure!!!!!!!!!! Yay! It was my very first pedicure, sad probably because I was pregnant and should have done it then, but I didn't know what I was missing. An amazing lady from church bought one for me and now I will forever be a pedicure addict! It totally calms and relaxes you! I was slightly embarrassed b/c I didn't know they take your old polish off, cut your nails and file them! I did that all before b/c my thinking was, who in their right mind would want to cut someone else's toenails or who deserves to? but apparently they do exist - thankfully! Needless to say she laughed at me! I think every woman deserves a monthly pedicure, weekly would just make it so that we take it for granted - I have thought this out. So ladies, or men who have ladies in their life go get or buy a pedicure!! It is so worth the money to feel like a Princess, oh and it is a great baby shower gift for mom, moms do not get spoiled enough.
Well that is about all my one hand can type, the other one is holding Jacob while he nurses.

Ok one more thing, totally off the wall... do you ever realize how dumb you are when you write emails, posts or anything that has spell check? I type trying my best, well maybe, and then some word gets underlined telling me I spelt it wrong or it's not even a real word when all these years I thought it was?! Happens to me all the time, I hope you understand. A great example, is "spelt"...nope not a real word. Prest is going to be embarrassed of me, he is a language major!

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Anonymous said...

I miss your creepy feet!! :( AND I love pedicures too!!