Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's day

Betsy, Josie, Moi and Brittanie

Ivy and Jacob

Yummy!! Britt and Prest

Hey! So I had my first mothers day! yay! It was a great day, we went to church and then for part of my gift Prest was going to take Jacob for the whole afternoon so I could get a break and do my own thing....trust me, being a new mom that is a great thing to get every now and then. Unfortunatly Jacob started to cry...poor Preston! I felt so bad and I couldn't really scrapbook (yes that is what I chose to do, I love it, what can I say!) so I only had "Tara time" for like, umm.... 30 minutes! But that's ok...I can never be upset when I look at that precious little boy God has given me. For supper we went to our friends house, David and Brittanie (we were neighbors at Multnomah) and had a blast!!! Some of our old neighbors Pete and Betsy came over and some new ones and we just ate, talked and laughed the night away! It was so refreshing getting together with them again. You don't realize how much you miss someone until they lick you, I mean until you see them (*wink*wink* brittanie - you freak) So it was a super great first mothers day. oh and that one pic of Jacob and the little girl, Ivy, well first, note they are practically the same size and second, guess how hold she is? 8 MONTHS!!!!!! oh my goodness, so needless to say, my son is a big boy!

Today it is super hot outside and inside, inside because duhh I am in here! So the boy and I are just hangin out, I think the highlight of my day has been Jacob pooping on me...oh baby. I stripped him down to his diaper cause it's hot and well...."IT" exploded out the top of his diaper and onto my beautiful WHITE skirt!! I had to laugh, he's just lucky I got the skirt on sale! lol

Well I don't want to make this too long, I am going to post one more pictures post of our mother's day celebration....

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Brittanie Noelle said...

Lily's name is Ivy. Sorry for pissing on your post. :) Love you! Happy Mother's Day, you freak! can't wait to lick you again.