Friday, June 08, 2007

Notes from the Newby's

So what is new with the Newby's? Well we went to Montana a couple weekends ago for Preston's sisters high school grad, it's funny cause when you're in high school it is such a HUGE deal to grad and then you get to college and you're like, wow, that was no big deal! But it's fun while you're there I guess. Jacob got to meet his great grandparents and great aunt who came from Arkansas, that was great! 4 generations. I have been getting together with some girls - other moms every week which has been so great! Being a stay at home mommy can give you cabin fever sometimes so it's nice to have an outlet or two or three or... you get my point! There is five of us and we all have babies relatively the same age so we spend hours talking about poop, sleeping habits and child development. Who knew that could be so exciting? We go to a new park every week and next week we're getting pedicures... with babies...we're not so sure about that one! "ah excuse me ma'm, I have to nurse my baby now"... I dunno, kind of awkward, don't you think? I'm trying to sell our coffee table and two side tables on Craigslist, b/c I want to redecorate, but I keep getting responses from ppl who are scammers! You know the one that is warned about on every page of craigslist? They want to send you a money order for the item and enough for the shipping cost, you got to your bank, cash the m.o. and then send off the tables, only to realize a few weeks later that the m.o. was a fake and now you're responsible for paying them back. I worked at a bank and saw this ALL the time. Ppl really are dumb. So I am still attempting to sell them, I can't get my beautiful trunk coffee table without them being gone! Well it is a beautiful day and I feel like a butt sitting on my butt! ha ha, so I'll get out of this chair, but leave you with a few pictures.

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