Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What can I say today?

So I attempted to post today knowing what I was going to say and now I have a brainfart! Oh yes, our past weekend, it was quite the adventure, well on the scale of adventure it would be a very minor and dull one, but an adventure nonetheless! Saturday was a sad sort of day, well it started off that way... Prest had an incredibly busy week with work (youth ministry) and while I survived being home through that I look forward to our weekends so spend together. But on Saturday he had to help a family from church move and it just worked out that no one could help him so it took a little longer, I know there are other ppl who probably could have helped, but that's ok, life works like that sometimes! Anyway, I quickly got cabin fever and we only have one car which he had so I was stuck inside (it was raining, it's Portland!) and after being away from Prest so much during the week I called him and started bawling, oh what a baby I am!!! That is the one thing about Youth ministry, you don't get to see your spouse as much as a regular job - in my opinion. He decided it was time to come home and spend some quality time with his fam! Yay for me and Jacob!
So we had a great rest of the day, relaxing and doing other stuff that I don't, must have been life changing! lol
Sunday was actually a busy day, we went to church and then to a junior high bbq hosted by the wonderful Kristin and Jonathan! Then we had three other graduation parties for our seniors, we made it to two which was pretty good considering we have a baby who needs sporadic feedings and playtime! We were out from 10-6 and that was pretty impressive. I'm not sure if that's harder for me or for him... it's amazing though how the tiniest thing can mess up a babies routine and make them oh so grumpy!
So now life seems back to normal, a far less busy week and I get to get a pedicure with my girls on Friday! yay, it's our mom and baby time, but we decided this week our forgotten toes needed to get looked after so we all got babysitters or their daddy's!
Oh and a shout out (ha ha who says that?!) to my cousins Jon and Nici who had a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday the 12th! At 3am though so power to her.... that is true labor! lol
Love you all,


ahaak said...

#1 - Hello friends, we miss your presence and your laughter.

#2 - in response to your previous entry, why does it stink that you're going to be Canada when Ikea opens? Yikes girl, you've been converted!

" ... you are dead to me."

OK. Just kidding. :)

Blessings guys. Tell Preston to take a full day off, play with baby and let you go do your nails and shop. No really. All three of you will feel so much better.

- Andrew

Mandi Bartel said...

hey tara
got your message...I do miss the okanagan A LOT! The only lakes here are large holes that have been filled up with water, the Calgarians don't know what the are missing. I love reading your blog and especially looking at all the pictures. Jacob is adorable. :) Sheilagh was in town this week and we reminised about BBC, so many good memories.

It sounds like you guy are really busy, but remember to go on a date every once and a while.

love you guys!