Thursday, July 12, 2007

Airplanes, Shrimp and Earthquakes

This past weekend Jacob and I went to Victoria for my Grandma's 70th birthday. We went to Hawaii for my Grandpa's 70th, but this was alot of fun too... in a different way!
It stunk not having Preston by my side, especially at the airport, but thankfully everyone treats you like a Queen when you have a baby.... well it's the baby they treat like a King and I'm just "With him" ha ha But it's really true, and those of you who have kids would agree, once you enter the land of babies you no longer exist. When you're pregnant, it's like oh, you cute pregnant girl etc... and now it's like, "Oh Jacob, hello!!" but honestly I don't mind at all, he's the center of my world and I don't mind sharing him. They put me in a seat on the plane, which was good, I don't really like standing... ha, ok that was an awkward way to start this thought, but anyway, they put me in a seat and seconds later another lady with a baby walks down the aisle and sits right next to me, I guess the airline figured it would be better to have the crying coming from one section, or it was another mom who knew we would have fun talking! Which talk we did! Who else can you talk to about poop and breastfeeding for hours than another mom?

On the Island we went to this insanely fancy, gorgeous restaurant! It had it's own lot on the ocean, you would think it was a house to drive past and there were gardens and water features that were very beautiful. Anyway, it was like a five or six course meal and so of course the servings were small, one serving was fancy mushrooms (I did not choose them) and so I snuck them to Mal and Brad (sister and her boyfriend) very discretely. They looked like giant raisins. Another course which was actually very tasty was shrimp and some type of fish. The shrimp looked like it was plucked straight from the ocean and onto my plate - legs, head, eyes and all still in tact, although it was super yummy, but I guess I found it amusing that it wasn't peeled in any way at all. So overall it tasted great, but I think it's a good thing that I am in the middle class, because I think my facial expressions, of, "what the heck is that" or "can I smell this first?"would get me kicked out of one too many restaurants. I am 100% happy with burgers, pasta and burritos.
Jacob was fussy the entire time, which was not too cool, I was frustrated because ppl are paying out their butts for their meals (yep definetly not upper class) and here is my little boy screaming his head off! So I quickly took him outside and my most amazing family each took their turn over the next three hours carrying him around the gardens which was the only thing that made him happy! I love my family. We found out that Jake really loves waterfalls and hates fancy restaurants. No , I actually think he was just overstimulated with all the new ppl.
That pretty much sums up our weekend, Preston bachelored it up and cleaned the house spotlessly, what a man!!
Oh and last night I was wonderfully surprised by some friends from Canada who were driving through, Jo and Karen and their parents, it was great. AND... this is actually kind of interesting, we had an earthquake last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Our power went out and there was a little shaking, but it was only a 3.3 sooo not too crazy. To be honest I had no idea we even had an earthquake until Preston came home from youth group and told me.. ha ha, I was like, oh that's why the power went out. The reason I didn't feel it was because I was already rocking in the rocking chair with Jacob! As those of you who know me well, know that I want to be in a TINY earthquake like this one so I was pretty disappointed to not have felt it.
Ok well I've talked enough, toodles...
how lame did that sound? "toodles?" well I couldn't resist being a dork.

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Lindsey said...

oh dear. you make me laugh!
I remember at Briercrest one time someone shook my seat in a class and I freaked out and spoke out loud "earthquake!" I was dead serious. haha. and then i was like, "oh. we're in Saskatchewan." I felt stupid. I think growing up in an earthquake infested area (nor cal) primes your brain to react when you are in "shaky" situations.
I am sure you will get to feel a little tremor one of these days;) Don't hope for a big one... we don't want Mt. St. Helens to blow or a tsunami to wipe out the Oregon coast!
When we were flying home from Northwest there was a lady sitting across the isle from us with THREE kids under the age of 3. She was brave!