Monday, July 02, 2007


Ok so I know I am a day late, but I'm still celebrating! ha ha Alot of ppl make fun of Canada day here, I don't know why, Lindsay I was glad to see your myspace shout out! Preston is one of them... he just does it jokingly though....Canada day, what's that? and will go on to make many jokes as to what it's about... but I can handle him with my oh so strong wit! ha ha
We're a few days away from July 4th and I can hear fireworks even now, I can't help but wonder how many ppl have ten fingers tonight that won't by Friday. I heard a stat that most fireworks accident's don't even happen on July 4th, but in the days before and after.
Every July 4th I think about Pollyanna, have you seen it? The really old one with hayley mills or someone or other... they have a big old celebration and I always wondered what it was really like here each year. And then one year Prest and I were in Miles city, Montana where his parents live they had an almost similar celebration, I thought it was great... they had the these American songs and had banners and fireworks...I dunno the entire setup reminded me of Pollyanna. But I do always say that Miles City is like years behind the rest of the world so it makes sence... I am sure that Portland will have a much different kind of Independnce Day...we're going to our friends Lisa and Brian's for steak and then to a fireworks show...we'll see how Jacob likes that one! I think he might get scared, he cries at loud noises, so I'm probably gonna play it safe and keep him inside. Anyway, I only planned on writing a paragraph, but I think that's impossible for a blabber mouth like myself. I still have 4 faithful readers so I think that's a good enough reason to keep blabbing here!
I leave you with a picture not related to July 4th at all... I bought my son flip flops to match his father... freakin adorable!!!!!! For those of you who don't know...Prest wears flip flops year round. Even in -40 temperature in Saskatchewan. I love that man. Love you guys, thanks for reading. I've updated our pics of us and of Jacob - link is on the right.

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Lindsey said...

Yes! I am a faithful one:)
Can I have your phone number. I will myspace message you to ask you. But i need to actually type out that I am going to ask you so that I don't forget:) Next Thursday night we might be able to do something with you guys. or afternoon. or something. let me know what your life looks like:)
Do his flip-flops have those little "feet keeper inners"?? that goes around his heels? i think those are SO freakin cute on little kids sandals:)