Sunday, August 12, 2007

All by myself

"All by myself, don't wanna live all by myself" The sad truth is that I am by myself this week, well not technically since my son is here, but I couldn't really see him whipping out his guns and protecting his mama... which is good, I always thought the movie "Look who's talking" was kind of creepy. Thankfully Preston has hired two full time bodyguards for us, Hansel and Gomer . Preston is going on a houseboat trip with his youth group, I wish sooo badly I could go!! But since Jacob can only be in the sun for like 20 minutes it's kind of pointless. Kristin who is Jonathan (the other youth pastor) wife can't go either so we're going to spend alot of our lonely nights together and thankfully almost every night we have been invited to someone's (from church) house for supper. Our church family is so awesome, they really know the meaning of what it means to be the church that Christ intended it to be. Sure they're not perfect, but they have blessed our lives and so many others lives immensely! I am going to try to blog a little more this week, my friend Melody who's blog is most enjoyable and very entertaining has inspired me to, one, write more blog entries and two, make them more much funner is that then hearing about my oh so exciting life? So until I can think of something exciting or something entertaining happens to me, I'm off to bed with my husband! I'll leave you with a picture of Jacob...too precious!

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melody said...

I am so glad you blogged again! I have been waiting/complaing to Kevin about it- "I know she's been doing a lot, why isn't she blogging??" Kevin- "well, she has a kid." me- "Oh." Anyway I have been a little impatient but I was happy to see that chubby little face and to read your update. I hope you girls have fun this week. I think that me and you, and Kristin should plan an afternoon in which the three of us girls sneak away for coffee or pedicures or something fun. Think about it. Have a good week!