Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Facebook lust

So I am getting slightly tired of facebook, I love that I can talk to all my friends, but the one thing that drives me mad is that so many of my "friends" use facebook as a way to promote their curvaceous bodies. I have seen a few pics where ppl actually took pictures of their cleavage!!!!! I think that's awful or another one where ppl were "humping" blow up dolls... I thought dogs only humped material things ha ha? It all comes out when you're drunk I guess. And most of the creepy pictures are when ppl are drunk. I wish girls realized how totally degrading it is to post half nude or secuctive pictures... girls always wonder why they pick up the guys who they later find out were just into their bodies... and don't girls realize that most guys if not all don't look at those pictures and think, "wow, she seems so nice inside" it's like, "what does she look like naked?" As girls we just don't struggle with lust as much so we don't realize how much guys do.
What do you think? I understand that having a guy look at you and say, wow!! is a nice feeling..for sure. But it's for the wrong reasons. I would much rather have a guy say, she is such a sweet and amazing girl for something I did rather than what I look like, you know? Sorry this rant is way longer than I thought it would be! I am so sure that alot of it has to do with insecurities, and having a guy be into you even if it's into your body makes you feel confident, but it's a false sense of security. It doesn't last forever... if for a few minutes. I am proud to say that NOW I get my confidence from Jesus Christ, I have an incredible husband who tells me that I am truly beautiful inside and out. And a God who says, look to me for your joy, for that love that you need and that confidence you desire as a girl, he gives me a lasting joy and confidence about who I am in the Lord not from my looks. Man looks on the outside but the Lord who truly knows me looks at my heart, how incredible is that? I love it.
As a girl who is involved and influential in the lives of high schoolers I want them to know this. They don't have to dress seductive or show cleavage to get attention, but that the guys who are worthy of getting their attention are the ones who will like you no matter what you look like and will like you for who you are inside! I mean, after all I got married! ha ha Just some thoughts...let me know what you think!


Brittanie Noelle said...

I totally agree with you, Tara, and seeing trashy pictures all over myspace and facebook is just discouraging for me! What i have done is just delete these people from my friends list. When you go onto someone's myspace page and all their friends have trashy photos, it sends a message about that person, you know? So i just choose to not associate with people that discourage me. Most of the time they don't even notice i deleted them, but if they do, it opens a door to talk to them about my disapproval of staring at a picture of their cleavage:) This world is a sad sad place.

Anonymous said...

hmm my comment.. maybe it's a focus on who your friends are.. :) i don't mean this to sound assy at all, but i am quite selective to who i allow to preview my sight along with who i want on my sight.. this is for my protection and the protection of others viewing my sight. (wow that comes out all business and snobby, not indented i assure you .) though my long lost friend, i agree with what you say. women need to learn what a turtle neck is.. hahaha.. though you get my point.
though i have come to conclude i can't choose what other people wear or display but i can choose where i look, so i work on that.. or else i would be in complete frustration daily.
by that way i love your passion and other then preston i'm sure i'm your biggest fan

Tara and Preston said...

Ya I agree with you guys, it's definetly the ppl who I have on my "friends" list... I deleted one of them, but the other few are pretty good friends from highschool! eek! So I still like to talk to them, I just won't look at their pictures anymore! Too funny...ohh the world we live in! But hey I know I'm not perfect...just almost there! ha ha ya right