Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My sister and her b/f Brad and us at the Oregon Coast
Loving on our boy..he doesn't love it! lol

Day at the Lake

Jacob doesn't like the Lake so much

We dressed up with our cousins

And I dressed my son up

Our third anniversary

So I thought I'd just post some pics of our summer so far, it's 12am and I should be tired, but I'm not so why not blog?


ahaak said...

sweet pics friends ... when your current chapter in life comes to a close, put in a request to God that he brings you to the lower mainland ;)

cheers & love.
- A

Ryan André said...

Wow, Malory and Brad are dating? I had no idea.. But then .. I think I've been back in Vernon once, briefly, since moving to Kamloops. I'm absolutely terrible, horrible in fact, at keeping in touch with the past. I think that's why I finally opened a facebook...

You're little guy looks like he's doing awesome, as are you guys!

Many Blessings!


Nathan from MT said...

I sure like reading your blog and hearing what is new in your lives! I still can't believe that it's been over 3 years. . . Man I remember when you two were make invitations in the Well at BBC. Seems like yesterday. Congrats!!

P.S. I'm Engaged!