Monday, September 10, 2007

White Cake Syndrome

So this is a picture of my dearest bff Kristin and I and...... OUR WHITE CAKE! The story of Kristin and I is that we met when our lovely husbands were going to Multnomah and we were all living in married student housing (so much fun!) we hit it off right away. Besides the fact that our personalities really clicked, we hit it off because we both had sapphires in our rings, (way to go boys) and our husbands were getting the same degree. So we all hung out alot and it was really great, and now our husbands (and us too) work together and it's so amazing. However things got even better when we discovered WHITE CAKE (I feel the need to emphasis white cake cause it's just that great) there is this grocery store around the city that has these cakes for like $7 and obviously we couldn't resist so thus begins our obsession of WHITE CAKE!!! The frosting on these cakes is so insanely sweet that you can almost feel the sugar granules between your teeth.
Last night Kristin and Jonathan came over for supper, a swim in the pool and some really good
fellowship and she surprised me with a WHITE CAKE! Thus...the picture above, also note that we look "So beautiful" cause we were swimming. It was just awesome. Our husbands actually noted that it seems to change our personality when we come in contact with white cake and it's probably true. I mean you don't have to be super mature everyday of your life and these are our little crazy indulgences, some woman like going to the spa, but we're all about the cake (i'm kidding, I love the spa) Anyway this was just a silly little story about Kristin, me and WHITE CAKE and how much we love it. Her and Jonathan have been so wonderful in our lives and I am so thankful to have friends like them. Life is sweet.


kristin said...

Aw thanks, T, I love you too! And I love white cake too, of course!
white cake.....

It was so fun hanging out! Thanks for seeing all the pieces of my puzzle. : )

melody said...

Tara. Oh man. Thanks a lot. All I could think about all day was WHITE CAKE!!!! I want it sooo bad! I may have to hit up winco. mmmm

Lindsey said...

thought I would get back into the swing of reading blogs:) I've been a slacker lately.
White cake... humm.. haha:) You guys are weird-os.

ashleyalvina said...

aw, i want some white cake. and i don't even really know what it is...oops I meant I want some WHITE CAKE!!!!!