Monday, October 22, 2007


To the corn maze and pumpkin patch we went

Jake's 6 mo pics

Our little family!

I'm waiting for Jacob to fall asleep, which tonight is taking forever because I couldn't get enough of him and had to play with him just a little longer! So I think he's slightly overtired...I'm so bad, but when he's a smelly (well hopefully not) teenager I will cherish these times. Actually going back to the smelly part, I swore I would never have a smelly teen, that is so gross, and my boys won't have that little starter stash either... here's to hoping. Don't worry, I have much greater hopes for my kids than not having mustaches or being smelly.
So life, what is going on in our world? I am working at a preschool at our church (MMO - mom's morning out), it's awesome.... for the moment. I love working with the infants, and really, it's only three days a week for four hours a can I really complain about that? The kids are super cute, minus one, but isn't that always the case? there will always be one cryer! the only reason I don't really like it is a selfish one... I don't have as much time for my friends! what a dork. I have a bunch of mommy friends and between most of us having part time jobs and our babies naps it's hard to get together and I believe with all my heart that mommy and friends time is super needed! But the bottom line is honestly, I feel so blessed to be able to reach out to these parents and give them a break for a few hours! I also like to feel useful in our community and bring some cash into our already massive bank account. God blesses our lives so abundantly...I need to learn to be more thankful. I'm a butt.

Other than working at MMO, we're just living life! Preston is doing a wonderful job at church, he's there right now learning how to become an angel. ha ha He is going to be an angel in our church Christmas production. Should be cute! I'll post some pics if he'll let me take a picture! This Friday we're off to Vegas for a week with my family, it's my parents anniversary and so we're going to go to some drag races (dad's thing), phantom of the opera (mom's thing) and the grand canyon... should be fun!!!
Well I am getting a giant brain fart and am sure I could say something else, but really, I can't think of it! So I'll just end with posting some pics of our fall thus far:) I love fall, it's my favorite cozy, crisp air, beautiful colors and lots of eating!

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