Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well it is 2008! That's crazy, it will be six years since I have graduated from highschool this year. ALOT has happened since then, wow! We had an amazing Christmas, but New Years was so totally boring! Spending Christmas without family was actually better than expected. We were blessed to be invited to our awesome friends house, the Millers for Christmas eve and Christmas dinner and that was great! On Christmas eve after we got home and put Jacob to bed (he was too zonked to stay up another wink) we opened our jammies and Prest gave me the most stunning necklace!!!!!! It is one of those necklaces that has five diamonds in a row and curves as it flows down. When he gave it to me it was such a special moment. Somehow it felt like it signified our marriage and a baby didn't - ha, ha but it was a different kind of special moment. It was just the two of us, and the fact that it was Christmas eve and we weren't with our families and that was ok, we're our own little family now! I think I fell in love with Preston all over again. Not because he gave me a beautiful necklace, (although that helps..just a little!) but because I am so thankful for him, for who he is and what he means to us as a family. Aside from Eternal life God could have given me no greater gift than Preston and Jacob.

On the 28th we went to Montana to see Preston's family and that was a great time! There is nothing at all to do in Eastern montana so we definitely got some rest! Jacob was sick and so was waking up like 4-5 times a night! I felt like I had a newborn all over again. It was crazy, when we got back we found out he has seasonal asthma. Poor kid! He'll only get it when he has a nasty cold, which when you're a baby is like half of the winter. So we have him on a nebulizer(a tube that blows steam like stuff into his lungs) I nicknamed it nebby because the former sounded so intense and cause I'm a dork. We had to do it three times a day for 15 min each time and trying to get a 10mo old to sit still for that long, even with the tv was super hard. But we made it through and now only have to do it once or twice a day for 7min each time and I do it while he's eating in his highchair and it's totally ok with him. Other than a really good Christmas not too much is happening around here. I helped host a baby shower for a really amazing friend and that was a blast, aside from going to the wrong restaurant! Seriously... I did. I am now looking forward to visiting my parents in Febuary!!!!! I can't wait, I love going back to the "Promised Land" and seeing everyone. Living far away has it's advantages, you definetly do not take your family for granted. Well that's about it for our life, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, "they" call that the mommy brain and I do whole heartedly believe in it.
Uhhh, what do you want me to do with this?
Jacob loved the bows and ribbons far more than opening his gifts, but he did LOVE his new toys!

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