Friday, January 18, 2008

Life in the theatre

Tonight preston and I went on a date to the movies, and the place we went requires patience! The parking is few and far between, I think the ppl who designed this little village of fun underestimated the popularity it would have. Anyway Preston dropped me off so I could get tickets and buy the popcorn and drink - yes we waste our money on the overpriced and oversized junk. Anyway.... As I waited for 20 minutes for Preston I did a lot of observing. I LOVE people watching as most ppl do and here are a few things I observed. It took me back to my youth.. ha I can hear you laughing, "you mean the youth you're still in Tara?" yes that one.

There is such a vast variety of people at the theatre. I am here to name a few.
First, you have the Junior high boys who, with their little scrawny legs and unwashed hair are trying desperately to prove who is the bravest or as it appears to everyone around them, the dumbest of the group. Who can dare whom to do the dumbest thing and get the biggest laugh from their friends and ppl around them. Its very amusing!

Second there are the junior high girls who still dress modestly for the most part and many of whom are in their awkward stage of life, didn't we all have those glory days? Here is where the crushing stage intensifies, junior high girls are super hyper and thus are racing around the theater with their candy popping buddies having a great time and occasionally trying to impress the boys with their feats of awkward conversation or gymnastics. I was here before!

Next we have the teenagers, and this is the most interesting to watch. The girls begin to dress more grown up and some more scandalous and the boys have stopped acting dumb, (at least in public) and try to be cool in front of the female population. Too cool though, it's almost awkward watching it all play out, it's as if you can hear their insecurities. You see them trying so hard to be noticed or impress, the flirting and the shifting he looking at me, did she laugh at that joke? oh he brushed up against me, why is she flirting with him - the evil eye, why did she laugh at his joke, that was lame. This is such an insane stage of life, cause it really molds who you are as you enter adulthood so it must be pretty important and important to make the right choices.

The college boys are definetly on the lookout for the pretty ladies. It's obvious because although they appear to be in conversation with one another their eyes are scouting the crowds for the hotties. The college girls as well are on the lookout for the opposite sex, some for their soul mate, looking to lock eyes with that one dream man or at least find someone who notices their cute new look.
Oh and we can't forget about those ppl who you see at the movies who like me are waiting for their dates, their massive drink and popcorn bag in hand, trying desperately not to look alone, distracting themselves by observing life around them, staring every few minutes at the door where their lifesaving friend will come in, oh and text messaging, lol.

And what about all those couples on dates? Like us tonight. I really can't say what I feel about anyone over thirty because that chapter in my life hasn't been written, but they look like they're having a good time! As I was discussing all this with Preston I asked him, so who are we, we're "the couple," but what do other ppl watchers see when they watch us? In my mind I am thinking, oh she's cute, nice hair, I wonder where she got that jacket, oohh a coach purse - I wonder if she got that from her parents or her now broke b/f? personally on a side note I don't like coach, I think it's grandma-ish. Those thoughts are probably pretty sad but other than that I am just deeply into Preston and watching the movie and obviously taking in all the sights around me. And I'm not at all saying I know everything about stages of young adulthood, I was there but I don't know everyones hearts, it is interesting to see the image we portray to those around us though. I guess we're kind of in a reflection and onward stage of life. Looking back on those awkward teenage years and just walking out of the college stage, entering parenthood and looking like somewhat of an adult... I'll tell you what stage I'm at when I'm out of it, ha ha! We're kind of just trying to take all that we've learned so far and discover who that has made us and where that will take us and what we need to do to change so we can be better than who we were.... it's an exciting journey, a grand adventure.

But despite all these fascinating observations the biggest and most impacting thing I noticed tonight was the deep desire we all have for relationships, the need to be wanted, to be noticed, to care for others and the need to be together. All this influencing every awkward and fascinating stage of life. I think that's awesome. That's how we were created to be. Sadly it can be abused, but thankfully (soo thankful) I have found the most fulfilling relationship in Jesus Christ. And I don't say that just to get in a Christian plug, but because this is the biggest and most life changing relationship I know. My relationship with Jesus invades every single moment of my life. I don't need to search high and low for a certain type of love to fill my life I have found that and it's amazing, far deeper and more intense than any relationship we could ever experience with another human!!!! And praise God that this is a relationship He absolutely craves to have with every single person.

"You are not a god
Created by human hands
You are not a god
Dependant on any mortal man
You are not a god
In need of anything we can give
By Your plan, thats just the way it is

Thats what You are "
You are worthy


Rena said...

HI TARA! this post was very insightful. i think i'll encourage my girls to read it.
you have grown into a lovely adult :)

Erin said...

Hi Tara :)

I didn't know my sitemeter wasn't showing up...I'll have to change that so I don't look sneaky!

I went to and set up my account there, linking my site to it. It's pretty neat to be able to see where people are logging in from, although you won't know who the people are unless they comment. You'll find out how many blog stalkers you have :)

Lindsey said...

this is amazing.
believe it or not... my friend Sarah would give me a ride to school my Junior and Senior Years of High School. (since I graduated from HS early I never had the joy of driving myself. poop.) Well... We would get to school about 15 minutes early solely for the purpose of "people watching". We would observe and talk about our observations and then do some more observing.
My favorite is your observations about the college boys. Oh so true. and yes, the ladies are on the prowl as well. haha.

nathan G. said...

Very interesting... Lots of old memories to think about. Good thing we've finally arrived :D