Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm going to Canada this weekend, I'm really excited for that! Prest is gone away to a retreat for some of the time so I figured, perfect timing for me to go away. I just hope it's least a little bit! When you live so far from everyone you grew up with it's not a vacation going home because you're constantly being pulled in every direction visiting family and friends, but I love it, I do, it's just tiring and I really want to make everyone happy, I can't help being so awesome. That last part was rich with sarcasm by the way.
It's definetly a journey traveling through an airport with a baby. But thanks to my great friend Shelly she lent me her portable dvd player for the jakester to watch on the plane! yay! It's like a lifesaver, especially if you've met my child. He is everywhere all the time, which if we're in a big room is wonderful, but in a plane that could get interesting, the lack of toys makes mommy's face a very fun toy.
I am supposed to be packing and I am going to get on that. I just can't seem to function! I wish I could say I was pregnant so I had an excuse, but I'm not so I must face my lazyness and just get off my bootie. I think energy levels have alot to do with what I eat. For instance I had gross Mcdonalds for lunch, and I felt like a sloth all afternoon. How great would it be if we all had personal chefs to cook us great healthy meals? I would eat some kind of wrap and some soup. Yum!

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Lindsey said...

How was your trip to canada?