Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I went all out and bought a plant! This is our very first plant, sad I know. But Preston and I are really good at killing plants, so we opt for silk plants instead, then I don't have to remember to water them, makes life easier you know? However I am decorating our deck, not anything too fancy since it is only a deck! But I bought a bistro table and chairs with flowers as a center piece and I already had some cute lights that zig zag their way over our deck. So it looks good, but i just had to continue the decorating and buy a hanging plant! I bought ivy because it looked pretty. Simple as that. Then I got home and realized that I actually have to look after this plant! Oops and now I feel like I have a second child. ha ha I'm just kidding, plants don't cry in the middle of the night do they? but honestly I have spent a part of my evening researching how to care for my new little plant and I am still mostly clueless....like is it ok to put it outside now? It's not too cold, or is it? I am so regretting this little buy of mine, so if you have any ivy advice I would much appreciate it! I just will feel lucky if it lives a week!

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