Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life is good

I just have to say, I feel SO blessed by God. Lately I have been feeling schizophrenic because my attitude has been on the not so joyful side. At the most random times I act out my "evil" feelings - thankfully my most amazing husband has put up with me! It's just so easy to let our guard down and take the ones we love for granted and to put it bluntly, be mean! So I have been praying about my attitude and really asking God to help me think before I speak - if you know me you have probably experienced my word vomit and I'm sorry! When you have a bum attitude you miss all the blessings God has given you.

I want to make it second nature that if something frustrates me I take my opinions or issues to God first before I let them spew on others and make the situation worse. And it works every time because by the time that I am done pouring my heart out to the Lord he has shown me that either I'm wrong in my attitude or that this is how I should explain whatever to Preston which is always in love!

Then this afternoon I had lunch with a lady who is so wise and amazing! I was just talking to her about life in general and after I told her a few things that I hadn't really prayed much about (though she didn't know that) she was like, "Tara, we'll just have to pray about that!" and she said it a few more times about various topics. It meant so much to me. I think we talk about life with people all the time, but are too afraid to actually ask for prayer. Sure we may be praying about such and such by ourselves, but prayer is SOOO powerful, why not ask others to pray with or for us (outside of Bible study too)? God is so absolutely incredible and he says to bring EVERYTHING to him!! From those baby issues to the house hunting. He is a BIG BIG God, we're doing ourselves a disservice by not bringing everything to him, because of who he is, he is able to do all and more than we can ever ask or imagine! Don't wait until you realize you can't do it on your own, cause the truth is we can't! And that's not a bad thing. Why walk a mile alone if you don't have to?

So to summarize I feel so blessed because of these amazing people I have around me! They keep me accountable, lift me up when I'm down, pray for me and just love me! I have an incredible support group to share the great and not so great things with and for that I am so thankful to the Lord, I don't deserve his grace, but that's just who God is.

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Lindsey said...

I too.. have had a bad case of word vomit lately. and it isn't even my "time of the month". haha.
I hate it. So much. I said something the other night to a friend (in front of a group of people) that I shouldn't have. She has been a little flaky lately and I voiced that to everyone. It was untasteful and inappropriate. Although it may have been true... it wasn't the time or place to be brought up.
I've been really practicing praying for the desires of my heart. I blogged about it a bit ago.. my little prayer box. I write things that I truly desire and put them in this box. That way when God answers my prayers he gets the credit! It's been neat walking with God through some issues that I have (word vomit).
Let's make a deal. I'll pray for your vomit if you pray for mine! haha. Serious though, okay? I commit to praying for you until April 1st. That's two and a half weeks. Let me know if there is anything specific. I will even put you in my prayer box.. and beware... God has been answering a lot of my prayer box prayers lately in amazing ways!!!