Saturday, March 29, 2008


Jake got his first professional haircut today! Far better than mommy could do! It was so awesome. It was a little unnerving as we walked in and heard another toddler screaming his lungs out, but our child is perfect and won't do that right? (ha ha, I wasn't that hopeful) They had little raised cars and mini capes! Too cute. We loved it and apparently so did Jacob. He got to sit in a yellow car, and loved to play with the steering wheel while watching elmo. What more could a kid ask for? The whole hair cut took 10 minutes and thankfully Jake just sat there in complete satisfaction. He even got a certificate with his name on it, lucky little man! Could you imagine if our haircuts were like this? If we could have our choice of car to sit in, watch a movie and even get a sucker if we get fussy? Hey maybe I'll just have to open my own business, no?

After Jakes haircut I asked, ok begged Preston to go to Wickes furniture because they are going bankrupt and you just never know what treasures you may find, he was so sweet and said yes, even though I'm sure it wasn't his desire to go, oh the beauty of love! But we never found anything exciting, I think we discovered the reason they are going bankrupt, their stuff stinks. The majority was very traditional and on the ugly side. But we had a good time anyway!

Well while I'm here I might as well share what else is new with the Newbinators. Easter was so great! My parents were down visiting and we had so much fun, sadly my sis wasn't able to come:( Jake went on his first easter egg hunt at church! It was too cute, he found one egg and was satisfied, he picked up others and threw them, it was a game. This hunt is HUGE, the whole community comes and there are 10,000 eggs strewn all around the church yard, insane! Kids go home happy and hyper. Easter Sunday we had a great dinner with my parents and our friends and even managed to burn a cherry pie, the sad thing is that the pie wasn't even in the oven when it was on an element..oops!
Preston is gearing up to go on a missions trip with our church to Uganda in June! He's super excited, he hasn't gone on an overseas mission trip before so this is going to be an adventure. Pray for him as he prepares to go!

We are going on vacation to the Bahamas, just kidding! I wish we were though! We actually really want to go somewhere, just to get away by ourselves. Every time we go away it is to visit with family and while family is awesome, it would be nice before we have another bambino to take off and just enjoy each other and somewhere other than Montana and B.C! We also want to buy a house, hey one can dream about things right? So we are more serious about buying a house and figure the smart thing to do is to save any extra money we have and put it into a house so the vacation is on hold, unless I just happen to win a vacation, hey it's possible!
Well the Jakester is going to bed now and doing a really good job of crying himself to sleep, he's a smart kid and lately has realized the ol bedtime routine really means he's going down for the count! So from the moment he gets onto the changing table he is in tears, trying to roll over, get down and race out the door to his toys. Needless to say I can't concentrate on blogging with my precious boy screaming down the hall. I am not good with this whole cry it out method! Have a great day:)

Pre Haircut

Uh, mom, I'm not sure about this!

What a cute car!

Post cut - what a cutie!
Styled like Daddy!


Lindsey said...

I have been praying for you:)
Just not too great at encouraging you!
I love the haircut pictures. So much fun.
I also love how you are going to the Bahamas:) I was kind of excited. You should have let it go on for a little while longer. :) But that would have been mean.
I am at my little coffee shop I go to and there is this incredibly fit woman in her work out garb... I love how it reminds me that I should go to the gym today. Blah. And yet, I won't go today. Because it would be after 3:00 when I go and that's when it gets swarmed with high schoolers. punks.

Robi said...

I love his new haircut....He looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore...

Aunt Robi

Robi said...

Thanx tara for looking at my blog....tell all your friends about our baby line...or havethem go to our
love you all.....

Ali Elisabeth said...

I wish they could be this cute forever...