Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Tonight we had a worship night at youth group (Preston is one of the youth pastors) and we watched a video clip that was SO powerful, it deeply affected how I looked at worshiping my God and creator. It could be summed up like this, (and if you're not a Christian or have never been to a worship night, I hope this makes some sense, we all know the meaning of worship - we do it everyday with - possessions, sports figures, jobs, money, the opposite sex.... so just let God speak to your life)

Here's the link to watch the video
(when you get on the website scroll over the video to play)

"When songs are played that we like we say, Great Worship"
"We leave churches b/c of the worship style"
"When the music stinks, we yawn and wonder why the worship wasn't very good"
"We're more concerned with what worship does for ME and less concerned with the OBJECT of our worship"
"It seems it's more about what we GET, not what we GIVE"
"It's like taking a gift to a friends birthday and keeping it"
"Worship is all about GIVING our lives (again) to God"
"Worship is not about the FEELINGS we receive when we sing"
"Worship is not about convincing God to bless us, or if the guitar is too loud, or what's happening on stage"
"Worship is not about US at all!"
"At the cross, we surrender, love, cry, dream, give up, shut up, kneel, confess"
"We look at God and place him above all else - b/c he is worth it!"
"Life gets crazy and painful, no one can deny that"
" Job stress divorce death addictions parenting loneliness"
"No one is asking you to pretend that those things aren't affecting you"
"You're just being invited to bring that stuff to the cross, and to simply gaze at Jesus"
"And as you look at Him, allow your response to be"

The point: Worship is not about us, it's purely about God, let this penetrate your life and transform you.

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