Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Earth

Have you heard about the biggest "church" in America?
Check it out:
I know the video is slightly cheesy, but it does get the point across. I know of a few Christians who have read this book or at least attempted to, one of whom really enjoyed it (hmm) and the other who instantly recognized it for a totally warped book. I really want everyone to read this so I promise to keep it short, I just had a few thoughts after doing my own research (which I strongly recommend - I read reviews from a non Christian point to make my opinion rather than starting from a Christian biased review)

A New Earth is a new age book (heavily promoted by Oprah) which blends eastern religious elements of Buddhism, and Hinduism and also Christianity for western consumption.
The point of the book is to find ones purpose, to "BE in the Moment" (through various ways) and "Live in the Now", achieve fullself, be free of fear, don't judge and give ppl labels, attain salvation through yourself, "turn off the ego" - get rid of worldly desires etc the book even uses illustrations of Jesus, but takes the Bible entirely out of context.

As a Christian I hope it will be easy to see where this book comes up short
I think it is very safe to say that this is the age old ploy of humanism - worshiping man or simply, worshiping yourself!
Tolle and so many ppl mix various religions, picking what they like and reject what they don't and therefore set themselves up as the ultimate creator of "truth" but this doesn't lead to a "higher good, instead it leads to disfunction, for one, nothing is based on fact, but everything on feeling and emotion.
Many ppl who believe these philosophies really are "good" people, and this "wisdom of man" that is being taught sounds so nice and feels so great at least for the moment! But in the end it truly cannot save you or bring you lasting peace and no lasting hope at all, it's empty and lonely. We really cannot control our own destiny, bad things wouldn't happen to us if we could.
If you do want to find hope that lasts here it is:
John 3:16
I prayed alot while reading about the book, I prayed that God would show me the truth behind these redecorated philosophies. These are the verses that He showed me....very powerful and straight to the point! God You are Indredible!
(I put links to the verses so you could read it in context)

If you really are excited about the details of this book look at this:

I can't tell you how much more this made me fall in love with God, and see his absolute power, I stand in awe of Him and I am so thankful that He has saved me from an eternity without Him. I walk by faith, but I stand on fact. Reasonable ppl can believe God and take Him at His word because God has proven Believeable!

So in conclusion there is no new incredible message from Eckhart Tolle's a New Earth, just more of the same, (with a shot of Oprah) dressed up in modern clothes. "There is nothing new under the sun" It is just REALLY good to know about because people all around you are reading it and I think it's very smart to have your own opinion because you never know who you might talk to...


Erin said...

Hey Tara,
I been hearing bits and pieces about this stuff, but haven't taken the time to find out what it's all about. Thanks for the info! This world is full of scary stuff...thanks for the scripture, it's so important to know what the Bible says so we will know when something doesn't seem quite right.

Anonymous said...

totally read this book. it's on my list.. just out of curiousity because i love to read what the culture is reading.
i'm excited to read the article that she has on him in oprah magazine.