Sunday, April 27, 2008

This and That

You know those experiences when someone around you whom you may or may not know does something so entirely weird that you really have no words to express your shock, only a gasp or perhaps laughter can qualify?
I had two of those experiences today! And both were in church, Preston and I were walking into the service and this 20something guy looks at me and then says to Preston, "Hey what's that THING on her" (pointing to me) I have a scar on my upper chest and it's very ugly and noticeable. I turned around and was like, "A scar" and walked away, I wasn't rude, just stated the facts. I was in awe, really, people can be so random and in this case, blunt!
Then in the middle of church as we're listening to Pastor Jim, I hear a massively LOUD, FART!!! And not once, but three times!! I almost burst out laughing, but of course I knew better. I just kept my lips tight and laughed inside, praying no stench would follow! It was a young person in front of me so I was also hoping that no one thought it was me, Preston ok, but not me! ha ha

This next week we're going to the coast for three days!!! I am so excited, we haven't had a break like this in a very long time and we praise God for giving us the opportunity. The house we're staying at is right on the ocean and has a hot tub overlooking the water...I mean really, what more could you want for a few days of relaxation? I can't wait to see Jake play in the sand and attempt to walk in it, although that depends on the weather!
"So keep fit and have fun" - do any Canadians remember those cheesy body break ads?


Anonymous said...

I totally remember those adds! By the way they are back on and just as corny... plus the main people are soo much older haha

Aaron and Allison said...

sorry that was my comment but i dont know how to do this very well haha

Britt said...

No fair! I want to go to the coast! So glad I wasn't in church. I would not have been able to disguise my laughter as well as you. I LOVE the new decor. your blog looks awesome! When can we get together!?

Mandi Bartel said...

"with Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod"

I'm so glad that you convinced me to blog again, love it!