Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beaches and Birthdays

We went to the Oregon Coast for a few days break and it was breathtaking. It showed how incredible God is. We needed a break so badly, nothing was wrong, but life can get crazy busy and I think it is important to take a break from the everyday. A time for reflection and fun! And that was exactly what it was!
The beach house was right on the ocean, house - grass - sand - ocean!! It was windy as the coast always is, but that didn't take away from it's beauty. We went to the beach only twice because the wind was just too much for Jake, I put two coats on him, mitts, warm pants and shoes, a hat and hood and he was still freezing. But at our place the wind wasn't so intense so we still got out.
Prest and I spent so much good quality time together and I fell even more in love with him. I also spent alot of time with the Lord and sat on the deck snuggled in a crocheted blanket while the sun set, journaling and praying. Talking to God beside the ocean has to be one of my favorite things.

And this week was also AWESOME because.....IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Hey it only comes once a year so I do celebrate it intensely...but why not?!? Preston spoiled me, he made me breakfast, took me out for coffee and took over diaper duty, unfortunately the only poop that came was when he was at work, dang it, I am not that competitive, but when it comes to diapers I totally am! I haven't yet come to grips with how pathetic that is. Then I went to get a pedicure later in the day. Prest came home early from work and brought me a happy meal! It was tasty.

Then for dinner he took me to Portland City Grill! It is somewhere we hadn't gone before, we had so much fun. The restaurant is on the 35th floor of an office tower and has windows all the way around that overlook the city. As we were eating fireworks started outside...the city put them on to celebrate me! (ya right!) Preston's like, "Oh ya babe, that was all my doing!" ha ha So it wasn't anything to do with us, but it was still special and made the evening more enchanting. Preston's sister babysat and we told her she could bring a friend over, she brought 3 and then when we got home 3 had multiplied to 8!! We didn't care, it was just amusing. Overall it was a GREAT day!

Now we're back to reality and feel refreshed and excited for the months ahead. Prest is getting ready to go to Uganda with a team from church in June, he's excited and nervous! And I get to put on a baby shower for my dear friend Kristin; as well we're having Preston's dad and bro visit and hopefully find a new place to live among all of that!
Here are some pics from our beach adventure... You can see more at our link on the right

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