Friday, May 09, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is two days away!!!! I am excited. It is my second mothers day and I think I just might be more happy that I am a mother compared to thinking about my own mother. Then again when I think about being a mom and all the ups and downs that come with being a mom I think my mom is AMAZING for raising me so well and I admire her.

My mom was/is the most creative, patient, weird, funny and good looking mom. I was SUPER strong willed and yet my mom found creative ways for me to use that will for good things! She made home cooked meals every night. I could literally count on two hands the number of times we ate at fast food or got take out. I had the best birthday parties growing up, something that I hope to carry on with my kids. We always had a homemade pinata, a treasure hunt, funny games and an amazing homemade cake and I could invite a ton of friends! The preparation that went into all that could only have been motivated by love.

She started and led a group at church called kids alive for grades 5,6 and 7 which would be comparable to Junior High down here. And every time she would come up with a funny skit to perform. If you know my mom you are probably laughing just thinking about a skit you've seen her do.
But my mother embarrassed me. Like when I was 5 and we were walking in the mall and she would sing and hold our hands skipping down the mall. I still think that's embarrassing. But for the most part she was just funny and ALL my friends thought she was worlds coolest mom. And really, she was! I just didn't see it because I was too busy trying to be cool. I think I would have actually been cooler if I didn't care how she acted. Isn't it funny that most of the time bad memories have alot to do with our outlook on a situation and don't really reflect reality?

I guess this blog turned out to be more about my mom than it did me as a mom. But alot of how I will raise Jacob is rooted in the ways that I was brought up. I really did have the most amazing childhood, I owe alot of how I turned out to my mom. It's not easy being a mommy, I know!! I only pray that I can do just as wonderful a job as her and with God's help I know I will.


Leanne Marie said...

Man your mom suer has gone through some hair styles!!! I agree you do have a wonderful mother! I am happy that you love her so much!

Britt said...

Tara- this post is just so wonderful, and heartfelt, and it just made me feel all warm inside! Your mom is truly an amazing woman, which is probably where you get it from. You're so fortunate to have such a loving and wonderful mother to set such a great example for you. It's fun watching you be the best mother possible to Jacob. You're just such a beautiful person! Happy belated Mother's Day!!!

Ryan André said...

ya, your mom makes me laugh .. and shake my head sometimes. :D

happy mothers day to both of you even though it's late and your both not my mother.... .... thank goodness. ;)

I know you're making an awesome mom.

Hello Preston and Tara .. it's been too long..

Blessings grace and peace to you and your family. :)