Monday, June 09, 2008

From Bed

Well laptops are super awesome cause they allow me to sit in bed and write this to you. Prest and I and Jacob all have the stomach flu:( yuck! It's so miserable, the only good thing about it is that we get to spend time together - at least supporting each other while we throw up! Isn't that just a lovely thought? It was "great" when just me and Jake were sick because Preston did everything around the house, but now it's like we're living in a war zone!  Mind you, Prest just got sick this evening and me last night, so we're not up to our necks, just our ankles. 

We do have some good news, (no we're not pregnant) but we are moving, within the area!! We really wanted to move out of our apartment because it's so small, and has no grassy area for Jacob to play on. Oh and our upstairs neighbor who we nicknamed "Giant Feet" for obvious reasons is so loud!   We put our need in the church bulletin and received several offers, but they were all out of our price range even though we had put down our desired price. People are so sweet for thinking of us. Anyway our lease is up at the end of june so it's getting down to crunch time! We desperately didn't want to sign another lease.  Then we got a phone number from a couple at church who knew of another family wanting to rent out their townhome.  We presumed it wouldn't work out just like the others but we knew God had a plan so we didn't want to give up on Him! We called and the sweet lady was really excited to have us come look at it. And it turns out that she had offered us this place when we first began to look but was offering too much so we had to decline.  However, we had been on her and her hubby's mind every single day since and they really felt God's conviction that they need to lower the price so we can afford it. Tonight we went to look at it, and LOVED it! It's beautiful and our perfect price with no catches. It has two big bedrooms, each with a bathroom and walk in closet!  And another potty downstairs.  And there is  a garage and two playgrounds for Jake! So all this to say that God is absolutely amazing!  Our pastor says, "God sometimes waits to act until the bacon is crisp!" and don't we know that! Of course God is faithful, it's us that has the problem of waiting. Prest is going to Uganda next week so we'll move after he comes back - the beginning of July. 
Well I should get back to sitting here and doing nothing with my wonderful sick hubby.  

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