Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life in a Newby nutshell!

Hello!! Well alot has happened this past couple of weeks in the Newby household! Great things and not so great. It all started out two weeks ago when we got a phone call from Preston' Dad, Phil in the morning and he said that Preston' mom, Pam was having chest pain so she was at the hospital and would receive more tests to determine the cause of the pain. Those tests later revealed that she had a heartattack! We were so shocked, and had mixed emotions. One of her arterys was 95% blocked. We knew that one day this could be a possibility, but not at age 47!! This was on a Thursday and then the next Monday night, we got a call at 12am from Preston's Dad, and a call at that time is never good. Preston's first insinct was, oh no mom!! But he let us know that Preston's Grandpa, his mom's father had just passed away. We could hear her sobbing in the background. It was dreadful. For his mom to be recovering from a heartattack and then for her dad to pass a few days later was just devastating. He passed because he was recovering from surgery to remove a tumor he had due to pancreatic cancer. But he passed in his sleep so what more could you ask for within the circumstances?

 Then the next morning we got a call from our dear friends Kristin and Jonathan who let us know they were in the hospital having their sweet baby girl!!! Talk about a mix of emotions. We know that Poppi (grandpa) is in Heaven and I'm sure he's dancing those streets of gold! He was such an amazing man and so funny. We will dearly miss him. And to add just one more thing into the mix Preston was leaving for Uganda in two days! It was a trip planned for almost a year, so there was no way he could go to Arkansas for the funeral, plus it was almost $1000 for one person to fly:(
We got to be at the birth of our friends baby, (see below) and that was such an incredible moment. So we were so excited at seeing the first breaths of one, but sad at the loss of another.

This entire week was just such a mix of emotions that we didn't know exactly what to do with our feelings. We aren't shy at all, but when it comes to emotions we tend to both not really know how to express them, we want to be strong I guess. For example, we can't cry! So it's all inside. Thankfully we have each other to pour our hearts out to, but even then it is difficult to put your feelings into words in this case. And if you know me, I'm pretty good at chatter, well not so here! These emotions aren't something you deal with everyday!

Preston headed out to Uganda and when they stopped in London their flight got canceled to Uganda....uh oh!! So they were put up in a hotel and flew out later through Ethiopia instead of through Kenya. They got there and all was least for a few days!! Preston called me and told me he had a bit of an accident. They were mixing cement and a bag exploded! It got into his eyes, (no safety goggles there!) they rinsed his eyes out immediately, but he still had a scratchy feeling the entire day:( He went to bed early and the next day he was totally ok! God is good!

This week, on fourth of July we're moving!  why not do it with a bang right?!!! We found a townhome to rent not to far from where we are now. But we're not ready at all!! The only thing I have done is fill the nail holes.... 

Our anniversary was June 26th, a day we share with our adopted grandparents, The Friesens and my aunty Michelle and Uncle Mark! It was strange to be away from Preston, but no doubt we'll celebrate in a big way when he comes home! My parents are here, my mom  has been here for a week, and we had an amazing time. Then my sis and dad got here Friday, yay! Preston gets home tonight, it was supposed to be at 10:30pm, but I just checked and it got delayed until 12:45am!!! Poopy, talk about an anticipated wait!! But I am so excited I have butterflies! I haven't had those since we dated, whoohoo! I love that man more than I could ever put into words. I really am going to jump up on him when I see him (I've done it before) 

So sorry this has turned into a short novel, I am gooood at that. 

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