Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have decided that I am going to make the best chocolate chip cookie I CAN, preferably world's best, but between chasing after a toddler and being lazy I just don't think that will happen! So I'm going for the best I can! I love baking, hate cooking! So maybe after I invest my time into baking I'll tire of it and improve my cooking's to hoping right?! I found a secret ingredient...ok not so secret, but it sounds better as a secret doesn't it?
It is honey... yep! Maybe you all knew this, but I sure didn't. I tried it and it makes the cookies so incredibly moist and soft! Wait is that the same thing? Anyway, first attempt I melted the butter too much (new microwave) - good one Tara, and they turned out so yummy but totally ugly and flat - poop! Second attempt they were perfect, but I put less sugar in because I already had honey and didn't want too sweet a cookie, I think I just need to add more sugar's all about the taste isn't it? What is this I hear of a healthy, fat free cookie? If you are going to eat a cookie, why not splurge?


Erin said...

they look SO good!!! you should send me the hubby loves a good chocolate chip cookie and i'm tired of trying to make them perfect. seems like you mastered it, so please please please share your recipe!!

Britt said...

I'm so blessed to have been able to try BOTH attempts! Please feel free to keep me involved in this process and desperate search to creating the Tara's Best Cookie. I really don't mind sampling your handiwork. Unfortunately I'm not picky enough because they all tasted AMAZING to me!!! Best of luck!