Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No beaches, just toddlers and popsicles...

I have a little rant; So I grew up in the promised land! Of course I am biased, but it truly is incredible. I grew up in the Okanagan Valley (British Columbia) - a land full of lakes with beautiful beaches, mountains, orchards, and hot temps in the summer and snow in the winter! Here in the Port there are three seasons, summer, fall and spring. I miss the snow in the winter! But what I really miss is being able to go to the beach whenever I want! But it was entirely my choice to live here and honestly I really do love it, we are completely where the Lord wants us, maybe one day we'll get to live in the mother country!
My Favorite lake - Kal lake, beaches, cliff jumping ( I watched) friends, boating... sweet life

Alot has happened since I last blogged, including the lack of internet for three weeks, yikes! It's sad how disconnected you can feel from the rest of the world without internet!
We moved to our townhome! And love it! I will post pics when I can, but I might just wait until the decorating is finished! Prest went and came back from Uganda, he had an amazing time and would LOVE to go back next year! But we'll see what the Lord has in store for Him. We are currently helping out with vacation bible school at church. I am working on the end of the week production with two other great girls so the kids can show off all they've learned via music and acting. It's so much fun, but totally exhausting. The acting team I am working with is 13 kids from age 8 - 16! BIG difference. I'm glad I have alot of energy, at least in the morning!
Jacob is growing so much! He's definitely not my little baby anymore. Ever since he turned one he has changed and developed at such an intense rate. He does all kind of baby sign language which really helps him communicate with us, but is not so helpful to babysitters! Like today he was telling the vbs babysitters he was all done, but they had no idea what he meant so they kept giving him more food! Oh well!
Jacob still LOVES dogs, bubbles and balls. He laughs SO much and will dance as much as he can. We call it the Frankenstein dance because he dances spinning in a circle with one leg out and one arm up! Priceless! He has such a sense of humor. He hates bed with a passion! He just doesn't want to miss out on a thing! And he loves to wake up and sit in bed with mommy and daddy reading books and eating a "nana"! We love our boy!
I was helping Jake wash his hands when he decided it would be more fun if his entire body got washed, and what do you know, he still fits!

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