Monday, August 18, 2008

Pick up line?

Jake and I headed out to the grocery store after dropping Preston off at work today. And after we wasted time wondering through the various aisles secretly hoping something would pop out at me that I just had to buy (which I didn't) we ended up in the section where we needed to be, the fruit and vegie aisles. There was this produce guy who looked my age, unloading fruit and he kept looking at me, I mean how can you not right? (ha ha) Then he says, "So is the little boy your brother or are you babysitting?" !!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I wish it would have been appropriate to burst out laughing and tell him that if that was in fact a pick up line it was terrible. I think he was trying to scope out to see my situation...who knows... some guys just aren't smooth. I guess I should get a bigger ring cause that in itself should be pretty obvious! In response to what he said, I looked at him wide eyed and surprised and said, I know I look like I'm 17, but I'm definitely not and he is my son." Awkward! So I walked away.
But it brings me back to a conversation I had with my friend Kristin, about how you interact with strangers of the opposite sex without them thinking your flirting. How can you just be nice? Maybe it's tone of voice. hmmm who knows! Sometimes it seems you just have to be a snob for them not to think you're being too nice.
Anyway, it made for a good laugh.


Erin said...

very funny pick up line!! i don't look my age either...someday i guess that will be a good thing when someone thinks we are 30 instead of 50 :)

Mandi Bartel said...

thanks for your note :) it made me smile and feel encouraged.

i laughed at this post! When I am out with Anneke the moms at the park give me withering looks all the time. A few will say "so how old is she" and I'll reply "1" (it's not their business to know that I'm the nanny and 23) and then they turn away and say quietly "oh" like I'm some kind of teenage mother. It makes me giggle inside everytime. most people barely believe that I've gradutated from high school! Like Erin said we'll appreciate it when we get older!

I hope you and the family are doing well...oh how I wish it was time to add to our family...

Lindsey said...

oh goodness. this made me laugh.
at least you're a hot mama! i am sure some moms would kill to hear that comment!
my friend was having surgery a few weeks back. she has two kids. 8 and 10 years old. i took them to a movie since their mom hadn't been able to do "fun" summer stuff because of her surgery. a creepy guy asked me, "so. how much does babysitting pay these days?" erk. i informed him that i wasn't babysitting. because they aren't babies. and that they belong to a friend who just had surgery.