Friday, August 01, 2008

Sweet day

Prest, Jake and I ventured to the great Oregon coast for a day trip on Friday! It was such a sweet day! We plan our lives around Jacob's napping schedule, which makes for a happy toddler and happy parents! On the drive out he slept the entire time which allowed 1.5hrs for Preston and Tara time! Lots of great conversation to be had! A girls dream right? We had an interesting talk.... it ended SO good, but you know when you have stuff you bring up that you don't think will be a big deal until the other person hears what you have to say and then you both lay your opinions out and find they aren't the same? And it becomes a WAY bigger deal than initially thought? However, that is one of my favorite things about being married, not the disagreeing in itself, but the outcome. There are so many aspects to a marriage, absolutely everything either one of you does affects the other so you talk through alot! Sure it can get frustrating when you disagree, but we love each other beyond difficult words and can work through them. When we do work through those hurdles it makes our relationship more beautiful and it becomes far stronger! Divorce isn't an option so it gives you that much more motivation to get through the problem, plus why live in misery with your best friend? That doesn't make sense!
Wow...well sorry about the rant on marriage, I guess our talks effect me more than I thought!

Onto our day at the beach, we stopped in at a campground just off the ocean to see some families from church who were camping. We played some volleyball, ok I didn't because I hadn't shaved my armpits! ha! tmi?
And of course I chatted with all the ladies.
Then we headed into Seaside, and to the oceanfront, very, public beach - previously we were never fans of this beach because it is so public, but when you have a child you go where are going to have the most fun and swings on a beach? Instant fun!! We bought a $3 kite, and hoped to become professional kite flyers by the end of the day. Unfortunately our hopes were dashed when we found out our cheapo kite didn't come with string!!!! What kite doesn't come equipped with string? Apparently there are some. At least we had a great laugh.
We ate at some hick restaurant, no kidding - the seats were turquoise and the floor was pink! yuck! and they still serve orange slices with their meals, but the food was tasty and cheap!

I guess this was our cheap day trip. And yet it was one of the best day trips we have ever had. It proves you don't need expensive things or fancy restaurants to have a good time!

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