Monday, July 20, 2009

More poo

Another potty post! But tomorrow I will post an update about life in general, wait this entire week has mostly been about the potty, it's exhausting! but...there are a few other updates!

Jake is almost entirely potty trained! woo woo! On day two I continued to take him every thirty minutes or so and gave him plenty to drink! I actually let him run in the nude as much as I could as that seemed to scare him not to go on the floor. He had two accidents, not so bad! But I realized he was entirely scared to poo...he kept talking about hitting the water as if it was a bad thing. So I took my friends advice and got him a sticker chart, it worked magic. Five stickers = a basketball chocolate! He's a sucker for candy. This is the one time I'm thankful;) Oh and we also used food coloring, he was excited to "go" in colored water. And a gross side note: adult urine changes blue to green..... I read that somewhere... um... ok, moving on...
Day three was great, he actually pooed in the potty! yay Jake! I was so proud and so was he, he couldn't stop smiling and all the dancing and excitement definitely encouraged him to keep going. He didn't have one accident! And told me when he had to go, although it was often because there was a wee bit of a mess already, that's ok, by day four and on he told me 70% of the time that he had to go and the other 30% it was obvious he had to go. I tried my best to be chilled out about it all making sure he was relaxed and telling him, "let's just try honey, if it works it works if not that's ok, we'll try later" he often replied with, "ya mommy, just try..." but he went everytime.
We're still a little afraid of the poo, but we're getting there! today we were playing in the garden and suddenly I hear, "mommy, poo potty now!!" I race him to the pot only to discover that he pooed his pants and because he wasn't wearing underwear (I figured a mess in shorts was easier to clean than underwear AND shorts) most of the poo somehow slid down his leg and into the garden...however healthy that is for the growth of the garden it's also discusting. He sais, "mommy, no poo in garden" that's right Jake, we poo in the potty...maybe next time. So there's an update I'm sure you have all been desperate to know....kidding:) thanks for caring about us even in our potty adventures.


Abbi said...

Tara, I have come to your blog through sweet Lindsey... just thought I'd get that out of the way.

Your blog has truly been an inspiration!!

I have a 6 1/2 year old and a 3 year old (both boys) and baby #3 due in November! We are in the potty training phase as well in our house... except Joey is complete opposite! He'll poo, but not pee in the potty!

Such is life with boys... ;) Keep it up! He's doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tara, I was given your blog by a dear friend, Kristine Jarmer, who you know has also lost a dear family member. We were talking this morning, via facebook, and I was telling her how a close cousin of my husbands was killed last Sat. night. The circumstances surrounding it are very sad and devastating. He leaves behind a wife and 4 kids, only one of which is his. But he was their daddy too. His wife is a new Christian and in the last few days has shut herself away from everyone. Your blog has caused me to shed some tears, but I also hope that it will help her in the coming days, weeks, and months too. I don't know exactly what I am asking of you, but maybe just that you pray for her right now. I would love to have your email address, if that is ok, then I can share a little more, and maybe she would be willing to talk (email) with you too. Praise God for your husband's legacy that you can pass onto your children. God is truly gracious and faithful. I will be praying for you and your boys especially. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and if possible, to follow up with Jean. In Christ Jesus, Stacey Hartfeld

Anonymous said...

YAY JAKE!!! he is doing awsome :) good job with keeping up wiht it :) in no time he will be fully potty trained and itll be awsome :) im happy for u and jacob! one in diapers is much better than 2, i know, we did it too for a while :)

Allison Brouwer said...

My Grandma used to have a blue toilet... it does go green. Haha just incase you wanted to know for sure

Anonymous said...

yay! good job! Lily is still scared to poo in the potty too. Completely pee-trained though. She won't poo in her underwear, she just holds it for days and days. What to do? it's horrible!