Sunday, August 30, 2009


I found a house!! It was a totally amazing experience... I was really annoyed by the whole house hunt - i'm looking at renting for now and it's even more frustrating as it's not mine, renting feels like you're a pee on lol... in my dads words.  I had a peace the entire hunt that God would provide something just perfect for us and I had looked at several potentials, but nothing worked out. On Monday, I was driving to Kristins to drop Jake off so I could go apply for a house I had looked at earlier, didn't love the house it was like, mehh whatever, it will do... while on route I was saying to the Lord, how it would be just great if I could drive past a house with a for rent sign, i'd call and all would work out... Not even 2 miles down the road I see a super cute house with a for rent sign! It was in my perfect neighborhood too! I called immediately and it was more than I had even prayed for, 4 bedrooms + a huge bonus room and a yard and all within my price range!  God is good, I know he doesn't always choose to answer prayer within our desires (for good reason!) but I was so 

thankful he did this time. 

I went to look at it and loved it, I'll post a picture:) I move in at the end of September. Thanks for your prayers!

It is weird to be "moving on" without Preston, it feels so wrong, needed, but wrong. You always imagine you will get a house together, and raise your children together, and when that "dream" is broken you are left to rethink life in a BIG way, if family was always the "point" or the goal in life (in a sense) what is the point or goal now? yes I still have a family, they are precious, but it's different. I have spent a ton of time thinking about what I want our family to look like... what will our "new normal" look like?  I know personally I want to glorify God in all I do, but what does that look like NOW? I don't just want to live playdate to playdate and dinner to dinner, I want God to use us and live a life worthy of Him beyond or maybe even through our daily routine.  I trust God will help me sort this all out, as it can be entirely overwhelming to do myself. 

Ok now it is time for the emberassing section of my blog...ughh.. this is actually the reason I haven't blogged, i feel so dumb! You know how I mentioned being on the cover of Newsweek? Prior to telling you all that, I had talked to one of the guys involved 

in it and he said, "Tara, you made the cover!" so what would you think? I thought, the cover of the magazine, duh! But... the other day I was talking to another girl working on the special as well and she was like, "the picture of you on the cover, of the SPECIAL SECTION is great!" Special section people!!? oiy! Dork... well there you have it, I know it 

wasn't really my fault, but I still shouldn't have mentioned it to anyone. The inside special is awesome though, the issue comes out Sept 7th, dated for the 14th 

and yes it is sold in Canada, but if you live in a smaller town you might have to search harder as they only sell a few copies. 


J in Tennessee said...

So wonderful to hear about the house and how awesome God answered your prayer so quickly! I completely understand why you'd be embarrassed but please don't be! Being IN Newsweek is so flippin' cool and I am sure it will be a blessing to many! Praying for continued strength for you and your sweet boys.

Britt said...

That is a totally cute, totally YOU house! Congrats! Can't wait to visit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the house! It looks so cute! I still pray for you and your boys.

Kimberly said...

Well, I've certainly never been in any magazine, so you are lightyears ahead of me! Don't be embarrassed. Good luck with the house. I'm looking and it gets discouraging!

Joel and Dominique Rempel said...

Yay House, God is good. I love you Tara especially because your on the cover of the special section. I miss you like crazy

ashleyalvina said...

Tara the house looks amazing!! Congratulations :) It's so cool to read the story of how you found the house - funny how God does that sometimes hey!

I wanted to respond to "I want God to use us and live a life worthy of Him beyond or maybe even through our daily routine." by saying that you can not even know how many times God has used your "daily routine" and your honesty in talking about it to humble me and bring me back to Christ. Every time you post, basically :)

You've challenged me in this latest post, I too dont want to be satisfied with just living "dinner to dinner" but want God to use me in my everyday and through how I live.

So thank you darling for this reminder. My prayer is that I will continue to be as bold and as Christ centered as you have shown us you are.


Glenda said...

Congrats on the house and on the Newsweek mag! So happy for you! Thinking of you and praying that everything turns out the way you want it to be. XX