I have finally found my way back into the blogging world... usually I am so dang busy it's hard to find a minute here or there, but this time was different. I was hiding. I feel like "our story" has been so public, and while some may think that's really great, as "cool" as it is to have your face on a commercial or in a magazine it's also super difficult. Having to relive the story over and over was wearing on me. "Our story" has become my identity, at least for now. I think that happens alot in our life regardless the life you live. Sometimes we place "identities" on ourself or maybe our circumstances do, maybe it's good, maybe not! Ultimately we should be who God desires for us to be - he is the potter, we are the clay, and for good reason - he knows far better than we do!
In my case, I don't think this is a bad identity...just a tiring one! I know God wants me to share our story, I am so thankful that I can help people, but I think I needed to breath a little, seek God, and take a siesta from the public identity I've known for the past year. THAT SAID... I DO want God to use me and if that means sharing our story I will continue to do so.

We moved this weekend! It's so amazing. Seriously, to have a yard and more space throughout the house is HUGE! I never want to take it for granted. I felt bad even complaining about the last place cause I know there are a ton of ppl who live in smaller quarters than we did with multiple children, so I know God was gracious to give us this place. The amount of ppl that helped with the move was overwhelming in the best way possible! I am incredibly thankful for all of you helpers! Especially my mom, she is helping me and has put together a ton of new furniture and unpacked my entire kitchen... I am no handyman and to be honest have no desire to be! I stayed up until 1:30 setting up the playroom for jake, I realized he has too many toys, yikes! I created a cozy reading corner, an art center and made a music basket for him, hopefully he'll get alot of use out of it...I was so happy with it and then this morning I'm all excited for Jake to see it so I say to him, "jacob, I have your new playroom ready, do you want to see it?" He says, "no, want to eat bekfast!" I had to laugh. Typical man, stomach first. He did see it though and his sweet smile made the work all worth it!

Now I am unpacking and still praying my sweet Micah sleeps for longer than three hours at a time... jake goes one-two days a week of preschool and although he never wants to go he also doesn't want to leave! Ok... I am really having a gigantic brain fart as to what else is going on...so I'll save whatever it is for another blog!


I'm so glad the move went well and that you a have more spacious home for you and your beautiful boys to run around and play in.

I think it's important to hide at time, it gives us time to just be with Jesus and recuperate.

I love you Tara and pray for you often.

Love Dom
ashleyalvina said…
Hey Tara - it is completely understandable that you'd want to "hide" for a bit. Please give yourself permission to do this as needed, k? We all care about you and your family SO much but that also means giving you space to just BE...and not be writing to a world of people about it.

SO good to hear the move went well :)

love ya
Giselle said…
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Giselle said…
Hey Tara,
I may be building furniture and putting things in drawers and cupboards (and losing my tools all over the house), but you are the one setting everything up and making your house a home. It looks great and you're a wonderful Mom!
Anonymous said…
Wow Tara. How exciting to be putting your new place together. So many fun memories will be made in your new house. Post pictures when you get the chance. You are loved. Jessica N.
KK said…
You have every right to hide. You have to take care of yourself so you can take care fo those angels. Glad you got to move into a bigger place. Good for you, you deserve it!
Glenda said…
So happy for you that everything is coming together and Thank Gof for all of your helpers especially your mom! Thinking of you and sending you hugs. I've read all along and comment sometimes. I found you through "Sweet Caroline". XX Can't wait till you share pics of the new house!

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