Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Adventures

Here are our Halloween adventures...
Micah was quite obviously a pumpkin!

Jake was a dragon but he thought he was a dinosaur!

Here we all are! I was the paper bag princess
(if you haven't heard of it... it's an awesome book my Robert Munsch)

We went trick or treating! Jake LOVED It
The Dragon and his princess

Posing as a scarecrow.... love this kid!

Decorating cookies... in our underwear, i mean not all of us...

The day mommy went out...

Micah pulled himself up!!! 6 1/2 months


Anonymous said...

love the costumes! do people really not know who the paper bag princess is?? must have had a sad child hood!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute pictures, your family had the same costume theme as mine, except I didn't dress up. Cheyanne was a princess (not the paper bag variety but that would be a good idea for Emme one year), Emme was a dinosaur but kept being called a dragon, and Bella was a pumpkin to match Dexter.

philippians4:4 said...

Adorable! I really like the paper bag princess idea.
Your boys are very cute.
I can't to dress up my children one day, it looks like a ton of fun ;)

Risa said...

How fun! And your boys are adorable!

ashpuck said...

Love the pictures of happy times! I'll have to look up the story behind the paper princess, I've not heard of it.


Newlywed Next Door said...

Hi Tara, you don't know me but I have a connection to you and your family. (I just found your blog via Sweet Caroline which I've been reading for a while). Preston was my youngest brother-in-law's Youth Pastor at Lake Bible (my Brother-in-law is Elijah Greer). My Mother-in-law (Marianne) emailed me about me Preston last fall and I prayed a lot for you and your family. It's so crazy to have found your blog now. It's so good to see your adorable boys and to hear you telling Preston's story and see how God is working through his story.