Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful Moments

We have acted like dorks...alot

We have been fishing and caught... a reed

We are super adorable!

We made precious memories

We all had some really cranky moments

And even felt a little bewildered at times

We celebrated Jakes 3rd Birthday!

And enjoyed the beauty of spring

But the most priceless moment of all is the love we share everyday
These boys are my sunshine, their laughter is contagious and their smiles breathtaking.
One day they will grow up and have smelly feet, hairy faces and their friends will be cooler than me, but for now I'm trying to soak up every priceless moment I can and not take any for granted. 
I'm learning how to balance being mommy and everything else I am or want to be, 
but trying to focus on being here NOW, and loving my boys with all that is in me, 
picking them up when they fall, holding them when they are afraid, telling them silly stories and dancing like a monkey on a daily basis (they looove to dance). 
I will try with all that I am to build their character so they can be the men God created them to be, and teach them all I know about the God who loves them endlessly and unconditionally  
We may have lost an enormous part of us, but our life is not empty, 
Our pain has opened up new opportunities to see God's grace and feel his love and comfort in ways I never imagined
God is my rock, the source of my joy and my strength through each tomorrow
I have more joy than ever before since this journey began and I am thankful for that!


Jenny said...

Hi Tara,

You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful moments and pictures. I've been reading your blog for quite a while (I found it through the link on Bonnie Culp's blog), and I would love to do something nice for you. I have designed several backgrounds and headers for my own blog, and I wonder if you might like to have a custom design for your blog. A sweet friend of mine did that for Bonnie, and I thought I could do that for you, too. If you are interested, just click on my profile and send me an email. If you want to keep it the same, though, I completely understand! :)

Blessings to you!

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Tara! Okay, the picture of "bewildered" Jake had me laughing out loud in my cubicle :)

Wish we were closer (I also love to dance like a monkey. secretly though - could we dance indoors?) :)

Bonnie said...

Tara! I am glad you and I share funny dances with our sweet kiddos. Thanks for sharing your heart--I needed it today. LOVE YOU!!!!! Bonnie

Giselle said...

Tara, you're such a blessing. That blog was truly inspiring. How good it is to know that you find such joy each and every day and that you have placed your faith so well. It really does bless your old mom's heart!
Love you!

Marissa said...

THIS THIS THIS!! THIS is what it's all about.

How I love you <3

Lindsey said...

Thanks for making me cry. punk! :)
I can relate now:) I have this little bundle of joy sleeping on my chest. Oh, she is so precious. In about 10 years (most likely sooner), I will no longer be super needed and not "cool". Sad day. I had better eat it up now.

(I almost posted this through Ben's account. Eek. That would have been awkward!)

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about you. Love all of the pictures! JN

Anonymous said...

you are such a beautiful mom!! are you going to still be here over the first(ish) weekend in may?? cause they do a fishing day at polsen park for the kids, jake would love it!!
miss ya, renee