Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh. SO. exciting.

Apparently I am a BAAAD blogger, life is just so dang busy, how people update their blog several times a week is beyond me!

I had a birthday and had two parties! One was a surprise and they got me good!! I didn't expect a thing, which made it even sweeter! 

I have had alot of company in town, Preston's Grandma and her sister were here and then Preston's family came, it was a full but fun house! We went to the coast and Multnomah  Falls (the usual hot visitor spots) and ate a ton of good food! I have a goal to be perfect.. ha ha I am kidding, I have a goal to be a much better cook than I am. When it is just me and the boys it's really hard to cook a big, gourmet meal, talk to me in ten years and I'm sure they'll eat twice as much as me, but for now it doesn't feel worth it to cook up a storm for the three of us.  So i love to have company because it gives me a good excuse to use my oh so incredible cooking skills (spoken with sarcasm).  I get most of my recipes from or I use recipes I've eaten at others houses so I KNOW it's good. I have learned NOT to experiment when I have company, maybe in time I'll be so skilled I'll be a fabulous cook all the time, but now i'll learn from others. I found a roasted chicken, rubbed with salt and pepper and stuffed with a whole lemon cut up, celery and oregano sprigs, and red potatoes and other root vegetables cut up to fill the roaster around the chicken and it was SO amazing. I was proud. 

My sister and her four friends are in town right now, that is super fun. It is actually quite refreshing to be around young 20 somethings, they have so much energy and are hilarious. They love to work out (in whatever way gives them the most laughs, aka bellydancing, and a few other "interesting" work out videos, carmen electra anyone?) and really enjoy photo documenting their adventures. Jake and Micah love all the attention, they are quite the ladies men . It'll be so quiet when they leave, I really really enjoy a full house. 

I've also been working on my book, I go through times when I write write write and seem to have alot of great ideas and it flows so well and other times when I'm stumped beyond stumped and couldn't write if I had a gun to my head. I think it's supposed to be like that though. I'm trying to think about publishers now, I've done some research and am really thinking it will be best to get a trustworthy literary agent... if you have good reliable info let me know;) 

Well that was a pretty non exciting blog, God has been teaching me SO much, I wish I could write it all, but i'll leave it for another post, the boys are awake!! Mommy love calls!


ahaak said...

Ooo! A book! ... I must have missed something about along the way cuz that was news to me :)

Anonymous said...

im excited about ur book :P i always thought u should write a book! sounds like ur having a great time with company! keep enjoying life!!